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ADG Social Media

Social Media: Sharing with ADG

Setting the Stage

We love social media! For a creative influencer, social media is the perfect platform to showcase their work and inspire clients and customers. Social media is just that … it’s social! You can reach out and inspire people with your creativity on a global scale. That is powerful! The question most people have is how important are social platforms to a business? Social media and mobile technology have become the best influencer for inspiration and consumer habits. As our digital world expands, so does our shopping and purchasing habits. Social media is not just for teenagers any more. It is now a platform for business and commerce.

Enter the Digital Store

Many are aware of the reach and popularity of digital retail. Amazon, Etsy and other digital shopping spaces are driving the consumer market. There is very strong evidence to support why they are leading the retail industry. Photos and images are essential for your social media — research has shown that visual content by far inspires and drives consumers. Here are a few facts that will create a clearer understand of the market:

  • 67% of shoppers use online outlets for their buying decisions.
  • 58% of consumers find inspiration or ideas online.
  • 55% research gift ideas online.
  • 60% of consumers seek discounts or promotions online.
  • 48% share their purchases with friends online.

ADG Engages Digitally

Across the social platforms, ADG Lighting enjoys a strong presence and a high level of engagement. Our Instagram and Pinterest accounts are some of our favorite outlets. It really brings to life our inspiration and creativity. We are thrilled to inspire our clients and consumers with our creative inspirations. Through these platforms, we are able to reach out to both new and existing clients and provide them real time solutions to their designs. We are also able to provide a space where clients can input their creative ideas, images, drawings or doodles, and we bring that inspiration to real life, all on a digital platform. Here are just a few of our creative ideas that might work for you:

Reach out to ADG Lighting on all of our social networks. Like, friend and share our creative inspirations. Then, visit our website and see the real difference with an inspired, collaborative team on your side.



Design Talk: Bringing Harmony to Your Project

Understanding the Importance

When bringing a project to life, one of the most crucial elements is the proper use of space. You can bring in the most creative elements and highest quality materials, but if the space is not in balance and harmony, your vision will not translate. Space is visual. Space is physical. Space is cerebral. The proper use of space must energize the mind and bring comfort to the tactile feelings of the physical body. When all of the elements merge in perfect harmony, your projects will evoke pleasure, comfort and a satisfying sense of style. Bringing creativity to life through professional collaboration is crucial to bring your project to life. Inspired vision exists in all of us, but it takes a trained professional with an in-depth understanding of space to bring a project to life.

Applying the Elements

The first consideration when creating the perfect space is the physical structure you are working with. This is the basic structure of the room or building, including the walls, floors, ceiling, doors and windows as well as the beams and columns that support the structure. This is your “blank canvas” where your project will be brought to life. Your vision begins to take shape when you consider the use of lighting, texture and color and how it applies to your project. Once you have a vision of these elements, understanding form brings things to life. Getting the right the proportions and scales of things creates a vision that is both visually and physically pleasing.

The Simplicity of the Complex

Mastering the perfect combination of these elements can be complex and sometimes frustrating. When collaborating with a professional, these challenges are adeptly overcome and your vision is transformed into a reality that is both pleasing and functional. Whether your project is a new creation or a redesign of an existing space, ADG is the first choice with the right expertise. We are trusted professionals that have the unique ability to translate creative concepts into reality through detailed collaboration. Visit our website for more information.

Photo credit: Erik Evans

Pool Pavilion

Adding a Traditional Touch To The Outdoors

Planning an Outdoor Renovation

Spring is upon us and baseball season is in full swing! With the weather creating a more comfortable and relaxing environment for entertainment and relaxation, some find their outdoor living spaces are in need of a facelift. In a recent survey from Houzz, nearly a thousand of those surveyed are planning or have completed renovations to their outdoor living spaces. Of those thousand, over 57% plan to upgrade their outdoor lighting.

Making the Change

When considering a change to the lighting in your outdoor living spaces, more and more homeowners are reaching out to lighting professionals for support. A professional lighting designer is able to provide both the creative and technical expertise required to bring your project to life. Great lighting can bring zen-like qualities to any setting. You can rediscover the perimeter of your property, make it fun to entertain and highlight points of interest. Perhaps you want to set a soft, romantic mood during the evening hours. Maybe you have a bench or a shadowy garden corner you need to illuminate for security reasons. A path leading through the garden may require landscape lighting to mark its boundaries.  A professional lighting designer can bring your creative ideas to life through their creative design abilities.

For Your Consideration

When you are choosing a lighting professional for your outdoor renovation, ADG Lighting is the right partner to bring your project to life. With over 20 years experience, our creativity and quality manufacturing have brought countless outdoor projects to life. We are excited about the creative design opportunities presented in spring projects. Our design creativity and quality of manufacturing makes ADG Lighting the perfect choice for your spring projects. Learn more about our inspired creations at or contact us at 818-597-9494.

We would like to share four samples of our work that would be ideal for any outdoor project:



Pershing Square Building Energy Consulting And Lighting 17 By ADG Eco Lightng Copy

Los Angeles: A World-Class Design Destination

Planning A Summer Vacation

Vacation season is just around the corner and it’s time to make plans. One of the most exciting aspects of choosing a vacation destination is finding a place where you can find inspiration in design. When you consider destinations around the globe, there are so many possibilities for your trip. New York, London and Milan immediately come to mind for pure design inspiration; other possibilities include Paris, Casablanca or Rio.

The one destination that always delivers when seeking out inspirational moments on vacation is Los Angeles. When your travel plans include an adventure seeking inspiration and creative influences, Los Angeles is an obvious choice for your travel. The temptation of pleasant weather, warm and inviting beaches, and the excitement of being centered in the entertainment capital of the world draws millions to Los Angeles every year.

Finding Design Inspiration in Los Angeles

As a creative design force in Los Angeles, we are fortunate that we have Los Angeles as our base camp. From the inspiring designs of Frank Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright to the brilliant offerings of museums like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the Broad, Los Angeles is pure inspiration. As you explore Los Angeles, look for the 25 must-see architectural landmarks in the city. You can also finding exciting inspiration in the hotels, bars and restaurants in this eclectic city. No matter what inspires you, this city offers something for everyone. Check out some of our projects around Los Angeles in the gallery below.

Collaboration and Inspiration

We are so fortunate to be located in a city like Los Angeles. Our collaborative and creative energy is naturally energized being surrounded by the inspirational icons of this city. If you are seeking a spot that inspires and energizes your inspirational juices, Los Angeles is the logical destination.

Be sure to visit our website and explore our creativity. See how easy it is to innovate and collaborate with ADG Lighting! Feel free to contact us at 818-597-9494 or email us at

Images courtesy of Architectural Digest