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Lighting and Design in the Bu with ADG Eco

Malibu is an affluent beachfront city in northwestern Los Angeles County, California, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 12,645. Malibu consists of a 21-mile strip of prime Pacific coastline. Wikipedia  101 sq miles  of awesome estates and prime open space.

Our Team at Architectural Detail Group, led by Gerald Olesker has well established roots just down the road in Malibu several minutes from our offices. .

Broad Beach to the 1930s Spanish-style casa on the sand in Malibu where $5,850,000 for an ocean front residence at the western end of Malibu’s celebrity-lined La Costa beach sold for $9,000,000. Now that can give you a Hangover. Whether down the coast closer to Cher’s estate (just for an iconic point of reference) where several of our clients reside, to ruther down and the fortune 500 home owners take up residence to the top of the BU and into the hills, our team members have worked on close to 50 projects.

Malibu Colony, Sea Star Estates, Private and hidden retreats in Malibu have signature pieces from Architectural Detail Group. Point Dume is a promontory on the coast of Malibu, California that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. Point Dume, a long bluff, forms the northern end of the Santa Monica Bay, and Point Dume HeadlandsWikipedia. Point Dume Exclusive estates also have been adorned with ADG Lighting and furnishings.  Up close to the Getty, on the watter and in the hills of Malibu, ADG Eco has created lasting products.

Here are some of our past articles about Malibu Lighting and Malibu Architecture. with Susan Cohen and Tom Torres architect with I Grace construction with Gregg Golenberg construction

ADG Custom Lighting ideas homes in Malibu [Read-Only]





Celebrated architects like Richard Landry’s estate – see pics and article link to Architectural Digest – have signature pieces designed with Gerald Olesker. The idea was to simulate an old barn inspiration with newer materials and a contemporary lighting styles with a twist. Nickel plated lantern over rough sandblasted brass, mesh and  other elements add to the visual effect and night shots seen in the Architectural Digest article below.

It is always a pleasure working with the Malibu customer. Malibu residents are typically relaxed and engaging. The beach lifestyle and architecture is typically fun, and we enjoy lighting and manufacturing other architectural elements from the team at Architectural Detail Group, Inc.


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Arroyo Craftsman make light fixtures for Chop House

slumped glass sconces by ADG Lighting for Arroyo Chop House to compliment Craftsman Lighting styles and Pasadena Elegance

Smith Brothers Arroyo Chop House,

Meat By Arroyo Chop House, Lights by Architectural Detail Group. Designed by Gerald Olesker and Joey Genarro, These wall sconces are from water jet cut lights, precision brass plate and slumped glass – honey onyx glass.

Custom designs are available. One of the best kept secrets at ADG is that the TEAM private labels for Design couture and other designers’ labels.

We have been manufacturing TEAM for 3 generations. On our precision side our senior, literally, member made forged iron light fixtures in Austria. At the assembly side our other senior member is second generation. Her father in-law started that operation and is now in his eighties.

ADG Lighting, the TEAM at Architectural Detail Group prides itself in quality workmanship and service. How else have we survived for almost 100 years.

The family-based roots of the Smith Brothers Restaurants are evident in the comfort and warmth of each establishment, and have made the collection of restaurants a part of the lives and traditions of families in our neighborhood. From lunch in the South Lake District, to dinner in Old Pasadena, their guests see us as a piece of the very fabric of the town, and invite those unfamiliar  to visit and see for themselves what so many of their neighbors rave about. Smith Brothers owns Parkway Grill as well as several other restaurants. ADG also provided custom light fixtures for the dining experience.

Custom Pendant by Architectural Detail Group
Design and Manfacuting, made in the USA
interior Design by Michael Berman
for Parkway Grill

Other Restaurant experiences with lights by acclaimed award winning ADG and CEO Gerald Olesker are Spago, recently updated, Lupo’s Smokey Bones and many others.

ADG Manufactured Solutions help clients save on production costs and energy using programs. ADG also provides performance based financing. They are at a 50% savings + Quality Decorative sustainable lights and other archtiectural ornamentation made bu the ADG craftsmen. Manufacturing Millions saved annually.  See the following list for lighting manufactured in USA.

  • Ambrose Hotel—1st LEED EB awarded –
  • Pershing Square Building—ADG Saved owner 10% on Materials by shifting usage of lighting plan * manufactured Decorative LED, and induction Lighting for building.
  • Disney Resorts—Lights Manufactured thru Gerald Olesker
  • Universal Studios  – Custom Fabrication thru Gerald Olesker
  • Chelsea Hotels—Specialty fabrication
  • Omni LA—Eco custom decorative, sustainable thru Gerald Olesker

    Manhattan Beach Country Club
    Private Den hanging pendant light made by Architectural Detail Group, inspired by odd geometrics and organic shapes. made from water jet cut aluminum wiht gold patina and distressed finish.

  • MGM Vegas—specialty Pool area decorative, sustainable thru Gerald Olesker
  • Lupo’s—Vegas—Specialty with Eco flair
  • Shades of Green Resort US Military –Florida—Induction test site
  • NCH Wellness Center—Chicago—Induction area Pool lighting
  • Muju Resort—Korea decorative, sustainable thru Gerald Olesker
  • Akron Summit Library—LED Library Case Lights
  • Sony Studios—LED back light edit bays
  • Oceana Hotel—Santa Monica—Custom Fabrication, sustainable
  • Smokey Bones – Custom Fabrication, sustainable
  • Buffet at Bellagio – Custom Fabrication, sustainable
  • Smith Brothers Restaurants – Custom Fabrication, sustainable
  • City of Washington Penn—Main Street district lights  -Induction
  • Spago, Beverly Hills – Custom Fabrication, sustainable
  • Manhattan Beach Country Club – Custom Fabrication, sustainable

    Chelsea Hotel custom Pendant fixtures by ADG Lighting of








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