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ADG Spotlight: Scott Peotter

In our business, we get the opportunity to work with some of the design industry’s best and brightest minds. We have been fortunate enough to work with Scott Peotter, owner, architect and construction manager with Aslan Companies on several properties, including a Newport Beach property that was recently featured in Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine. The home was a tilt up concrete structure and part of the famous Corona Del Mar home tour.

Scott wears several hats —he is also very busy running for a seat on the Newport Beach City Council! Running for one of three open seats, this former Irvine and Newport Beach Planning Commissioner always enjoyed his design role as an architect in the area, but really wanted to get more involved with the city. He will be vying for a seat currently occupied by Nancy Gardener.

Scott Peotter Headshot EKedit

Scott enjoys working on the other side, representing the public and getting approval for projects, ultimately deciding their fate. “The challenge is helping the planning commission focus on its real job — zoning and land use — and not design,” he said.

A few of the issues on his platform include saving the fire pits on the beaches of Newport, fighting the new dock taxes, and seeking ways to help pay down the $140 million debt on what he refers to as the “Taj-Ma-City-Hall” (AKA Newport Beach City Hall). The city election takes place November 4th, 2014. Learn more about Scott and his platform on his website.

ADG works with builders like Scott on spec houses, all coordinated with LED custom built light fixtures for the home. ADG is glad to see Scott running for council and reaching out into the community.

Beverly Hills Estate Features ADG Lighting

Yet another Los Angeles home has gone up on the sale block! This 20 acre estate situated in Beverly Hills is on the market for $43 million and features multiple light fixtures designed by Gerald Olesker (the design mind behind ADG Lighting). With over 30,000 square feet of living space, this palatial home features spectacular canyon and city views.

Gerald Olesker worked closely with his friend and interior designer Michael Berman to design and manufacture the decorative lights. And a congratulations to Michael Berman, who was recently named Luxe Style Maker 2014.

The main house has 10 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, a library, two family rooms and an eight car garage. It even has an elevator! Learn more about the beautiful property here. If you like some of the lighting pieces found throughout the home, contact us to see how we can help you!

July 23


Make Custom Lighting Work For Your Home

It’s summertime, and while you may be spending more time outdoors enjoying nature’s light, it’s also important to think about the lights inside your own home. Of course, here at ADG Lighting we think about lighting all the time, so we consider ourselves experts on the subject.

Whether your home is more traditional or has a modern flair, a well-placed lighting piece can highlight the beauty of your space. Have a fine piece of artwork you’d like to show off? Place a few sconces adjacent to it. Need some task lighting in your kitchen to make cooking easier? Consider adding pendant lighting.

Check out some samples of our custom lighting work to get some ideas, or give us a call at (818) 597-9494.

Architect to the Stars Lists Malibu Home for Sale

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the greatest architects and designers in our trade. One of the them, architect Richard Landry, has recently put his own home up on the sale block for $8.995 million. Gerald Olesker, founder and CEO of ADG Lighting, also had the fine opportunity to design all of the lighting featured in the 4,504 square foot barn home in Malibu.



The 5 bedroom, 4 bath home situated on 15 acres overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and features a 35 foot tall great room, open-beamed ceilings, and stained concrete floors. Click here for more information about the listing.

Lighting Up the Skies on the 4th of July

Did you know that fireworks originated in China thousands of years ago? Fireworks as we know them today were based from roasted bamboo, which explodes with a bang when heated because of its hollow air pockets. Then sometime between 600-900 A.D., Chinese alchemists mixed together several ingredients that produced gunpowder. This mixture was inserted into the bamboo, which were then put into a fire to produce a loud blast.

Boom, the first fireworks were born!

Fireworks have served various purposes through the ages. European rulers liked to use fireworks to brighten and illuminate their castles; it was the Europeans who brought their knowledge of fireworks to the New World. John Adams believed that these displays would play a large role in celebrating the Fourth of July, and told his wife in a letter that the day would become the most “memorable in the history of America.” The first Fourth of July celebration was in 1777, a year after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Since then, fireworks have been used to commemorate other days of importance, such as presidential inaugurations and New Year’s Eve. Of course, fireworks are always to be used with the utmost safety and precaution. Visit the National Council on Fireworks Safety for more information.

Spending time outside this holiday weekend? Take a look around and see if your patio or porch could use some sprucing up! In honor of America’s birthday we’re featuring our Iron Shipyard Lantern, which would look great on any deck. For more information call us at (818) 597-9494 or email us at


Iron Shipyard

Wishing you a safe and happy Fourth of July from the ADG Lighting team!