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Outdoor walking tour around spanish style mansion with lighting designed by

ADG and Michael Berman: Sketching the Possibilities

outdoor living space by luxurious pool created by

When two creative forces meet over a sketchpad, the possibilities are endless. There is nothing more exciting or gratifying than to explore ideas and concepts of a design, then translate that into visual possibilities on a sketchpad. That’s how innovation in design is created!

Over the years, we have had the distinct pleasure of creating possibilities with one of the most prolific and creative designers in the industry, Michael Berman. Michael is a premier designer in the Los Angeles area who has created breathtaking projects for numerous high profile clients and properties on a global scale. With over 25 years experience, Michael has been able to translate the vision into reality in such a creative and thoughtful manner, that he has become of of the most in demand designers in the industry. The key to our success is that we have been able to understand Berman’s needs and precisely execute his vision. He is one of our favorite designers!

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Sitting down with Berman is such a satisfying and energizing process. Over the years, we have been able to collaborate on many noteworthy projects, such as GUESS co-founder Armando Marciano’s Beverly Hills residence (now currently owned by Elton John), a beautiful estate in the Carmel Valley area of Monterey, and numerous other projects in the hospitality and restaurant industries, including design collaborations at the Arroyo Chop House and the Parkway Grill in Pasadena.

Carmel Valley Estate By Michael Berman Lanterns By ADG Lighting 1a


Carmel Valley Estate By Michael Berman Lanterns By ADG Lighting 2


Carmel Valley Estate By Michael Berman Lanterns By ADG Lighting 7


Marciano Light Fixtures 4 Designed By Gerald Olesker Of ADG Lighting Copy


Marciano Light Fixtures Designed By Gerald Olesker Of ADG Lighting Copy


Recently, we were able to collaborate on a project for the annual Modernism Show in Palm Springs, CA. His project was met with astounding acclaim — Berman stated that the ADG floor lamps were the “hit of the show!” We are honored to continue our creative exploration with a design icon like Michael Berman.

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Visit our website and explore our creativity. See how easy it is to innovate and collaborate with ADG Lighting! Feel free to contact us at 818-597-9494 or email us at To get the ADG creative process started immediately, go to and check out our Custom Request portal.

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ADG Makes a Difference

Lighting completes every project! No matter what you are designing, creating or envisioning, lighting places a crucial role in perfecting every space. ADG Lighting is working with designers and individual clients to make a difference in every project they bring to fruition. Our creative team understands the importance and role of lighting design. We understand the need to collaborate in the creative process and bring to the table inspired creativity that opens new possibilities. Our team makes a difference in every facet of your project with our design and manufacturing expertise.

Choosing ADG lighting and put your project with the right partner. Our creativity, collaboration and exacting attention to detail will bring the “secret sauce” to the outcome of your project. At ADG Lighting … We Make the Difference!

ADG manufactured all of the decorative structural components for this pavilion pictured above. Don’t forget, we also custom design and manufacture furniture. From chairs and ottomans to coffee tables, our design team can design and manufacture the furniture of your dreams. With over 20 years experience in the architectural and industrial design fields, our team can meet the both the functional and structural aspects of your project. You can view some of our furnishings via our pavilions work on our website. If you have a special request, submit your information through our custom request form.

Check out some of our featured products — this week we picked some of our custom furnishings:

Marciano Light Fixtures 7 Designed By Gerald Olesker Of ADG Lighting Copy

ADG Creativity Lights A Modern Lantern

Bar stock Iron Light Modern Lantern Pilaster from ADG Lighting

Custom lighting is key to the unique value of a home. ADG Lighting is proud to feature this week our Barstock Iron Modern Pilaster Light. This piece was created to provide versatility in virtually any project you are undertaking. The Barstock Lantern was tooled in our local factory, and the design specifications can easily be modified to meet your exacting criteria.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, ADG Lighting has built a solid reputation for having a collaborative and innovative design process with our clients. When you choose ADG Lighting, know that you will receive the best treatment in the industry and the creative edge over all others.

Preview the Barstock Lantern; feel free to contact us at 818-597-9494 or email us at To get the ADG creative process started immediately, go to and check out our Custom Request tab. See how easy it is to innovate and collaborate with ADG Lighting!

Lighting Pendants and Sconces Kourtney Kardashian

ADG Lighting Adds The Magic Touch To Kardashian Style

Architectural Digest Celebrity Homes Kardashian

We are always thrilled to have an opportunity to work on projects in celebrity and high-end luxury homes across Southern California. These projects allow us the distinct opportunity to work with some of the most creative and innovative designers in the industry. Often, these projects are featured in publications and highlighted in editorials, increasing the value and notariety of the property. Our work is still the “secret sauce” of the industry and we bring a key design and creative element to the style of these properties. In the March 2016 issue of Architectural Digest, our work was highlighted in the home of Kourtney Kardashian. The feature showed off the elegance and sophistication of the space. The lighting elements that appear in the feature were initially commissioned by the previous owner, but retained in the remodel by designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. We were honored that Kourtney and Martyn understood the impact and timelessness of our pieces.

ADG Lighting graces the pages of so many industry magazines that feature the timeless projects of exceptionally talented designers. The architects and designers of these featured projects graciously and openly provide our information for credit. However, with so many of these publications, including Architectural Digest, our work is not credited in the publication. We believe that the lack of proper credit for artistic and creative credit in these publications is related to the business relationship with that publication. These publications want to credit and highlight contributors that are also paying advertisers with their publication.

Our position has been and always will be that we provide unique design and manufacturing of custom lighting that significantly enhance any design project. ADG Lighting remains one of the best kept secrets in the industry and we are proud to fill that role. For those who provide proper credit and acknowledgement, we appreciation your generosity. For those clients who know about us and choose to work with our creative team, we know that you receive the best treatment in the industry and the creative edge over all others.

*Credit * The original design work with Keyshawn Johnson was completed by Cami Forte.