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Buster Keaton Revisited an Illuminating Article


What do Buster Keaton, Gerald Olesker and set design have in common?  Several Years Back the “villa” was restored. We use the term restored loosely. During the first phase we were there. We walked the grounds and saw a gem.


Then the new owners engaged Lafia/ Arvin design. One of favorite firms to work with. Exciting progress began. Then Marc Appleton came on board to begin the addition to the carriage house. Seamless – just as when we worked on a Paul Williams for a current Studio head, every step with Appleton Architects made the portion of the estate look as if it were part of the original intention.

Original Gild Wood Gryphon Lantern restored by ADG Lighting – Interpretations of new fixtures and sconces available

We approach the lighting the same way. At Architectural Detail Group, Inc our TEAM has been trained to review and understand that new light fixtures are not just a selection form a show show-room. Our Solution Based Manufacturing  (c) methods are if we where part of the original team making the fixtures in history.

Buster Keaton’s Italian Villa, (see link to restoration notes) one of the last silent movie star mansions still in existence, has been saved from the wrecking ball. Keaton built the 10,000- square-foot Mediterranean palazzo in Beverly Hills shortly after completing his masterpiece, The General, in 1926.

The comedian sold the estate in 1933 and it was subsequently occupied by a number of other owners, including Marlene Dietrich, Barbara Hutton and Cary Grant, and finally, James and Pamela Mason.  The first restoration prior to being sold to our client preserved many lights in the basement. the Video link lets us see a few of the attempts to bring the estate to life.

 Light fixtures are such a key element in any part of Architecture. And yes Architecture with a capital “A”. When all of the components come together this makes for a more appropriate and timeless score. This is why clients bring to us the parts of history and say “ADG can you please reproduce, please copy, please make it look like this.” Period Homes descriptive is a useful tool. People bring us torn out pages and say make this.  We help them with the process at ADG. Our purposes we say is Architectural Detail Group is a collaborative enhancing the built environment through positive relationships./

 Here is the Case Study of fixtures at the estate. Architectural Detail Group Buster Keaton pics case study of light fixtures

The TEAM at ADG Eco Lighting and Architectural Detail Group approach every project, new, historic or energy efficient modeling with this same Solution Based Manufacturing methodology.

As you can see the following are published articles with these elements form the Keaton Estate.  Even the new owners and design firm used ADG Lighting in other projects of theirs. Florida Design Magazine Buster Keaton the other home by BK property owners private beach estate Coastal Living Canadian Interiors from the designer of Buster Keaton – Light Fixtures by Gerald Olesker Gretzky Estate Architect for Buster Keaton estate New Classicist – Light Fixtures by Gerald Olesker on Cover – other project include 30% of the book has work by Gerald Olesker

  for more information contact ADG at 818-597-9494.  Architectural Detail Group is the past licensee for the Hearst Castle Collection/ and private labels for many design collection. ADG has several lines available for purchase as well as custom manufactures.

Products are Manufactured in the USA. Lighting fixtures  manufactured in the USA by ADG Lighting.

Spago Lights it up

ADG Collaborations Hotels Eco Case Study


Spago Beverly Hills, A landmark Resturant, A landmark redesigned by Waldo Fernandez with the ADG Eco Lighting TEAM. Light fixtures are all new. Classic designs inspired by 40’s Hollywood crowd.


New York Times
“Wolfgang Puck’s Flagship Restaurant Rises to the Top-Again” – Angeleno Magazine
“Wolfgang Puck is still shaking things up.” – Los Angeles Confidential

From the Spago Website: We’re pleased to welcome you back to the new Spago! Wolfgang Puck and Barbara Lazaroff’s legendary, flagship restaurant debuts a completely new menu and design. The re-opening comes during Spago’s 30th anniversary and in celebration, the master chef, along with Executive Chef and Managing Partner Lee Hefter, has re-invented the entire menu with his signature farm to table philosophy, heightening the iconic California cuisine Puck catapulted to stardom. Spago’s new design from Waldo Fernandez complements the food with its clean and simple aesthetic, incorporating natural elements to add an organic feel. Spago’s co-founder/co-owner Barbara Lazaroff created the original design for Spago in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Spago continues to set the standard for cuisine, service and style and is consistently recognized as the ultimate in fine dining. Spago is the recipient of the AAA Four Diamond Award and received two stars in The Michelin Guide-Los Angeles edition, one of only three restaurants in the city to win this coveted distinction. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, the restaurant earned the prestigious Wine Spectator Grand Award, the publication’s highest honors.

ADG Team Architectural Detail Group, Inc Lighting was manufactured specifically for the Spago Remodel.  Joey Genarro and Gerald Olesker oversaw each detail with Waldo Fernandez’s people.


Under the Direction of Gerald Olesker’s companies, they have been manufacturing lighting for Commercial, Hotel, Resort and Upper End Residential for the last 20 years. One of the TEAMS is part of a 100 year old group. Three Generations around here have been making beautiful lighting. Resorts in Korea, Disney Studio heads even use their ADG Eco team for their personal homes. Commercial projects like Annie Sez in NY use energy efficient lights manufactures and designed by ADG Eco Lighting.

ADG Lighting illuminates the Manhattan Beach Country Club


Iconic Chandleir at the Manhattan Beach Country Club designed and manufactured by ADG Eco. Visit our site at for more info on Commercial projects.

Gerald Olesker ceo at ADG Eco states, “There are only 3 things that effect each project. Timing, Price and Design. Take one of those away and the other 2 are dramatically effected. At ADG Eco Lighting we take all 3 variable into account when working with a client. Add a Bonus of Energy Effieicncy, it is like sneaking the Spinach into a kids meal. From the outside it looks masterful and the inside (the lighting portion) is good for you”  The Manhattan Beach Country Cub is currently in the midst of a multi-million dollar renovation of our catering and event spaces, with completion slated for the fourth quarter of 2012.

 The highlights of the project include:

  • Enlarging the Ballroom to afford a comfortable maximum capacity of 250 guests with sconce lanterns in wall by ADG 
  • Iconic Chandelier at Dining free floating from skylight. Light by ADG
  • The creation of a stunning new Board Room and Private Dining Room, overlooking the adjacent golf course
  • The introduction of a beautiful screening room
  • The installation of a state of the art audio visual system throughout the facility

In addition to these stunning new facilities in the clubhouse, MBCC staff are also proud to offer outdoor events for up to 1,400. In addition, our members can host parties at our beautiful pool complex and children’s playground.

 The light fixtures are well thought out. We worked with a Design Team and Canoe Hospitality the procurement company. The Executive Director of MBCC was closely involved in the interaction as well.


For more details of what we have planned, to schedule a tour of the club, or to request an invitation to our opening party, kindly contact Mimi Fischer at 310 698 1836, or via email at


other cool fixtures and designs by ADG Eco  from other projects and MBCC.

Architectural Detail Group, sit in our chairs with a spread of 2 pages in CA Homes

California Homes Magazine  November, December 2012 shows off several of our Architectural Detail Group classic lighting and decorative iron products.

Page 78 & 79 of California Homes shares and credits the works of Architectural Detail Group fabrication of the iron chairs with a custom bronze finish. We water jet cut the patterns in the shop to create this magnificent Rocco pattern inspired by Lafia/ Arvin Designs collaborative efforts. Monique Lafia is such a dedicated client. ADG works with her on a very personal level. CEO Gerald Olesker and Monique sketch and compliment each others talents.

Custom iron chairs and other custom iron furniture by Architectural Detail Group is fabricated in Southern California. Some designers even private label their pieces that are made by ADG Eco and place them into showrooms.

 Monique Lafia is listed in the Franklin report and we are pleased to be part of the projects that Lafia/ Arvin is listed on Robb Report’s 2012 List of the Top 40 Interior Designers of the World, and listed as the highest rated Interior Design Firm in the current Franklin Report. Lafia/Arvin is continually featured in Architectural Digest, The Robb Report, Coastal Living, Florida Design Magazine, Trends Magazines, California Homes and other luxury interior design publications. Monique Lafia, CEO, has over 20 years experience, is a graduate of the UCLA Interior Design Program, and is CCIDC and NCIDQ certified/licensed.

At ADG Eco Lighting Products we  are pleased to announce that the latest published Lafia Arvin projects,  a french estate on Los Angeles Country Club in Beverly Hills, is on the cover/featured in the current December/winter issue of California Home Magazine

The decorative lanterns at the estate were designed by Architectural Detail Group. The idea was to create an authentic French entry with flanking light posts. Similar in thought the the guest house at Versailles, Gerald Olesker’s thought process was not to tag the walls with lanterns as Landry Design Group originally anticipated. The historic references that Architectural Detail Group’s lighting division brings brings to the table is incredible. this also translated to other architectural ornamentation and furnishing that ADG Eco designs and manufactures.

As a boutique manufacturer there are things that Olesker’s Team can do. Client’s will typically pay a design retainer to Architectural Detail Group to design, layout and work with the specific budgets of the projects. Whether a home, hotel or Resort or one of the world’s finest commercial establishments, the Team at ADG Eco takes care. After the Retainer of ADG Eco the TEAM manufactures the products for each project.

Budget’s can range for projects. An $80 million dollar project could sometimes spend less per square foot on light fixtures and detail than a $3 million dollar project. One of the best assets is that the design team at ADG Eco understands and controls the manufacturing process. This way the value of a client paying a retainer to ADG Eco results in well designed and fabricated fixtures.

Other well noted Beverly Hills projects are 22 homes in Beverly Park that Gerald Olesker Designed light fixtures for, Spago’s newly renovated restaurant, Private residences off Sunset Boulevard with noted architect Marc Appleton,  to manufacturing lighting for some of the exclusive showrooms in Pacific Design Center, PDC.

As a matter of fact there is one other article with William Hefner’s office in this issue that Gerald Olesker had designed the light fixture and another firm manufactured.The Lighting and ornamental talents of  Architectural Detail Group, range from Traditional to Modern fixtures from the West coast to the east cost. Fixtures are ETL both US and Canadian listed and designs by Gerald Olesker have touched over 3 billion dollars of real-estate world wide.

 To Retain the firms services or just to order decorative light fixtures and architectural ornamentation  contact for information regarding designs listed on Vintage and Modern paste this link.