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Monthly Archives: April 2008

First Conejo Valley MS Walk Snapshots

Thank you to all our friends and customers, your continued support is appreciated!

Team ADG


Showing supprot for MS






Carrie and Gerald before the walk







During Registration  








Walkers enjoy refreshing trough the sprinklers during record high temperatures







Walking along Westlake Bulevard






Even the smallest of walkers show their support








From Sienna to Los Angeles

From the rooftops of Siena, you can gaze upon the Mediterranean, much like Southern California’s close proximity to the beach, making Southern California the perfect climate and location to emulate the inspiring buildings of Siena.




When Gerald was a young architect, backpacking through Europe he found inspiration in the architecture of Siena, which he has translated to the work he does today.

The railings and ironworks of Siena are hand-forged, making each detail slightly imperfect and very unique, a concept that Gerald routinely uses in his fences, railings and other iron details.



As you gaze upon the piazzas and churches of Siena, geometric shapes and patterns emerge, which Gerald has translated into geometrically shaped lighting, like that used in a recent estate project mentioned in last week’s Blog.








Inspired by the similarities between Siena and Southern California, Gerald has made a perfect mesh of imperfect iron details and lighting elements to translate a Mediterranean aesthetic to American soil.