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Design Talk: Bringing Harmony to Your Project

Apr 20, 2016 | Beverly Hills, Business - Architecture Services, Calabasas, Lighting, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, Ventura

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Understanding the Importance

When bringing a project to life, one of the most crucial elements is the proper use of space. You can bring in the most creative elements and highest quality materials, but if the space is not in balance and harmony, your vision will not translate. Space is visual. Space is physical. Space is cerebral. The proper use of space must energize the mind and bring comfort to the tactile feelings of the physical body. When all of the elements merge in perfect harmony, your projects will evoke pleasure, comfort and a satisfying sense of style. Bringing creativity to life through professional collaboration is crucial to bring your project to life. Inspired vision exists in all of us, but it takes a trained professional with an in-depth understanding of space to bring a project to life.

Applying the Elements

The first consideration when creating the perfect space is the physical structure you are working with. This is the basic structure of the room or building, including the walls, floors, ceiling, doors and windows as well as the beams and columns that support the structure. This is your “blank canvas” where your project will be brought to life. Your vision begins to take shape when you consider the use of lighting, texture and color and how it applies to your project. Once you have a vision of these elements, understanding form brings things to life. Getting the right the proportions and scales of things creates a vision that is both visually and physically pleasing.

The Simplicity of the Complex

Mastering the perfect combination of these elements can be complex and sometimes frustrating. When collaborating with a professional, these challenges are adeptly overcome and your vision is transformed into a reality that is both pleasing and functional. Whether your project is a new creation or a redesign of an existing space, ADG is the first choice with the right expertise. We are trusted professionals that have the unique ability to translate creative concepts into reality through detailed collaboration. Visit our website for more information.

Photo credit: Erik Evans