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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Selling off my collection a favorite fixture of mine

Selling off my collection. These Wall lanterns are a real conversation piece. They are made of solid copper with a natural antiqued finish with clear glass panels. Originally manufactured by ADG lighting for a home in Texas and now converted from Gas to Electric. Designed by Gerald Olesker. More available on request.

I was completely inspired by the works of Bill Hablinski a great colleague and visionary architect. We actually made a smaller version for his home in Texas. I am releasing these becasue it’s time. Made to be a part of future history with relevance to the past. Hand made imperfections are built in. refer back to our blog on When is Imperfecct Perfect.


GO Team. Go American

flag2wmA flag in the front of my home shows that I am proud to be an American.
Involvement in my community shows that I appreciate living in America.
Paying taxes says I have the privilege to belong to one of the best “country clubs” in the world.
Manufacturing sustainable lighting products here in America says I support it economically and that I am concerned about the Ecology too.