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Port Street Collection

Tommy inspired ADG

Port Street collection inspired lighting. Click on the download above.








We all take inspiration for locations close and far. provides a series of inspirations. This home we completed for the Corona Del Mar Home Tour. Working with contractors like Robert D. McCarthy at RDM construction on projects around the town are a great part of the inspiration.

Designers Like Michael Fullen provide great upper end quality of efforts collaborating with our team at ADG Lighting.

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Appleton and Gerald

Attached are links to Appleton projects links that Gerald Olesker Designed Light Fixtures and then Manufactured – custom and production available. Inquire at 


Water Jet Cut Gate Emblem for Appleton Associates Montecito Project – Produced by ADG Eco


Designed for Project Gas Lantern for Montecito Project with Appleton Assoc Manufactured by ADG Lighting .
Custom Iron lantern inspired by Classical Architectural motif


“Whether a client wants unique light fixtures or something tailored from an antique design, ADG simplifies the decision-making process through well done sketches and full scale drawings.  We are so pleased with ADG’s wrought iron design work as applied to light fixtures that we are having them design a wrought iron banister for a client’s home.”

Paul Williger  Appleton & Associates

New and Inspired as Always the ADG brings a collection of Unique Lanterns

Our ADG Eco Lighting team, manufactures great custom lanterns. But custom by nature to a lighting manufacturer like Gerald Olesker means you as the client can always change it up.   click to download the PDF of Tommy inspired ADG

Here is a newly inspired line.  For many years we have combed the beaches of Newport. Homes in Bay Shores, Lido, Balboa Island, the famed Newport Coast to name a few of the locations near the fun zone. Older Newport Beach from the Port Streets, Cameo Shores and Corona Del Mar are also dotted with lanterns and custom lighting designed by Gerald Olesker and also his team at ADG Lighting.

Inspiration comes from many places – the Coastal Beach community is inspiring for us to create original lighting fixtures and other architectural ornamentation. After designing light fixtures for several hundred homes from Newport Beach to Laguna and restaurants like Strand in Manhattan Beach there are always opportunities for repeating pieces for our product lines.

Even when we have worked in the Irvine hills, Shady Canyon is dotted with inspired custom homes. our ADG team has manufactured light fixtures for many including Shawn Green’s famed estate now owned by Republican Romney Supporter.
Comfortable living styles from the causal to formal all are conditioned to be well thought out says Gerald Olesker. Recently while shopping at fashion Island we came across the new Tommy Bahama Store. What a great idea. Bring the lifestyle of the clothing and fine fabrics we all enjoy into home furnishings.

there are some of the Greatest ideas and opportunities just in arms reach. American made light fixtures are so important to the the layout of a home. When we review a project, we always ask the client what is the lifestyle. A home in Irvine Terrace designed by Bob White will be completely different than an Estate by Richard Krantz. As will the the builder of choice and the interior designer.
What many people call design is merely a shopping experience . At ADG we have coined the statement Accessible Design (c). This is the notion that retail has brought a new quality of articles that are “designed” into a project. More so they are Procured.

This action is important to the process. More important is providing a great quality and spirit of accessories that are not just merely imported but what Tommy Bahama has done in supporting local artists. bringing the best of minds to the forefront of design and a concierge style of customer service.  t

This will rock the design world and bring the steps of Accessible Design (c) to home curation. Also look up Mixx Century on this notion of eclecticism and crossovers in curated elements for architectural programs. Adele Cygelman of Domain and Dawn Moore have created for this idea.

for more infomation about Archtiectural DEtail Group

Homes and Commercial, Resort and Resturant lighting projects produced in the Strand, San Diego County, Orang County, Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica, Santa Barbara counties up through Montery – contact us at  and post request for more private label or request for our project to be illuminated in the subject line.

ADG hospitality the Green Way Sustainable fixture Design and Fabrication

Hospitality Work is a key component of our work at ADG Eco and Architectural Detail Group.  click here to download presentation resturants and hotels hospitality

The Team at ADG’s has a rich history in Hospitality. It started back with Gerald Olesker and the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas. The pool area’s large Emerald Green towers. They are beacons, they are light fixtures designed and fabricated by his first company in the lighting industry…


For those that have worked with the TEAM, you know the abilities. There is a specific solution for each project. Time, Budget and Design all are important. Architectural Detail Group looks at this like the design build process. Our Sr. Designer/ factory manager is always part of the initial process. Joey Gennaro makes the production side easy with our client base.

The Ambrose Hotel is one of our favorite Sustainable Projects LEED Silver EB. We worked on design and the architectural lighting issues with owner D. Wallace.


As customers look review and engage with  ADG Collaborations Hotels Eco Case Study there are questions and comments that can be sent to . Unique applications always take time and ADG Eco engages at each step for the process with its California based manufacturing center.

ADG Architectural Detail Group Residential and Resort Testimonials from many clients over the years are part of this download. See what they have said.

Architectural Detail Group has a great time designing and manufacturing light fixtures  architectural ornamentation and other items for projects all over the world.