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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Custom Path Lights are Eco Friendly too Better Light for a Better Garden

ADG Eco Lighting Path Light on Stone Slab, Laguna Beach CA ARchitect Bob White Forrest Studios – Architectural DEtail Group, Inc Oil Bronze Lantern, Brass bar Stock Light fxiture

Solid Brass Lanterns, Designed and Made by ADG Lighting of Architectural Detail Group. Custom Light fixture coordinated with Bob White and M.elle Designs of Newport Beach

These custom Light Fixtures were designed and Fabricated by Gerald Olesker and the team at ADG Lighting. Joey Genarro oversaw the details like the pin brace that integrates into the stone. Rand Kruse Designs provided an overall Aesthetic look and architect Bob Withe with M.elle designs were part of the review. Similar lights by Architectural DEtail Group can be found on V&M at or call for a factory staff member 818-597-9494.We ship any where in the world with authorized dealers throughout the USand Canada.