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Michael Strahan Steps into the ADG Limelight

Another celebrity home adorned with ADG Lighting is making headlines! It turns out NFL star and Good Morning America Host Michael Strahan has just rented an Italian style villa with his fiancée Nicole Murphy in the Beverly Park area of Los Angeles, formerly owned by a Russian businessman and his wife. The elegant estate features our custom made chandeliers and exterior lanterns.

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The lanterns were inspired by Italian iconic 18th century pieces. Then design extraordinaire Gerald Olesker added a modern influence to the pieces.  All were made in solid brass and heavily oxidized; the sandblasted seeded glass clipped corner cubes are suspended from a brass forged arm.

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The 10,575 foot property, with 8 bedrooms, 10 baths, a guest house, and a resort style pool, is worth an estimated $20 million. Other famous neighbors who have lived in the area include Wayne Gretzky, Mark Wahlberg, and Tim McGraw.


The magical touch of ADG’s own Gerald Olesker is also seen throughout 22 other homes in the exclusive Beverly Park and the North Beverly Park HOA. Olesker and his team did some work for another celebrity who resided in the Beverly Park area –Wheel of Fortune letter turner Vanna White.

Learn more about the lighting in Strahan’s home in our previous post about the property.

The Miracles of Cutting with Water

While using high-pressure water for erosion dates back as far as the mid-1800s with hydraulic mining, it was not until the 1930s that narrow jets of water started to appear as an industrial cutting device. In 1933, a Wisconsin company known as the Paper Patents Company developed a special paper metering, cutting, and reeling machine that used a diagonally moving waterjet nozzle to make a horizontal moving sheet of continuous paper. Done at low pressure, these applications were limited to soft materials like paper.

Water jet technology evolved in the post-war era as researchers around the world searched for new methods of efficient cutting systems. In 1956, Carl Johnson of Durox International in Luxembourg developed a method for cutting plastic shapes using a thin stream high-pressure waterjet, using soft materials. In 1958, Billie Schwacha of North American Aviation developed a system using ultra high pressure liquid to cut hard materials.


ADG Lighting is a West Coast award-winning manufacturer of custom lighting pieces. To create complex shapes for lighting and art installations, ADG uses water jet and laser cutting machinery. Here are some samples of our work:


7230 Ind St Sh Water Jet Cut Ceiling With Pressed Metal Facia ADG Lighting Copy 9022 Custom Water Jet Cut Plaque ADG Lighting Copy


Water jet cutting is a simple and easy way for manufacturers like ADG Eco Lighting to accommodate hotel and resort customers.


Never limiting the company, CEO Gerald Olesker pushes his team in design and ingenuity. The Architectural Detail Group team worked on the pattern and elements to ensure that the wall shielded visitors from passersby, as well as would illuminate itself.

Check out more from our water jet cut portfolio. For more information about hiring ADG Lighting to design and manufacture your next project please email or call 818-597-9494. ADG ships worldwide and has a team thriving for over 3 generations. We work with hotels, resorts, and upper-end residential and civic spaces.