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Road Trip

The Best of Mid-Century Modern on the West Coast

Does mid-century modern architecture excite and inspire you? Of course it does! The style of architecture symbolizes the culture of Southern California and a generation of Americans from the baby boomer era. Mid-century modern architecture is sleek, cool, clean, functional and curvy. We have the unique opportunity in California to have some of the finest examples of the architectural style. So, mark your maps and break out your navigators, and go on a tour of some of the finest mid-century modern architecture in the world.

West Coast Mid-Century Modern Tour

To make the most out of your inspirational road trip, check out the Mid-Century Modern Architectural Guide: West Coast USAThis must-have guide by Sam Lubell is the first to focus on the architectural inspiration of the West Coast. It has featured a collection of 250 must see destinations on the West Coast. The guidebook features everything mid-century modern – from the most celebrated buildings and homes, to the most obscure and hidden across the region. Here are the Top 5 featured sites:

Geisel Library | La Jolla, CA

Geisel Library


Salk Institute | La Jolla, CA

Salk Institute


Sunnyland | Rancho Mirage, CA


Wayfarers Chapel | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Waferers Chapel


The Stahl House | Los Angeles, CA

The Stahl House


From the ADG Factory Floor

Creating a new sculpture…


by ADG Lighting

Adg Christmas Greeting

Happy Holidays from ADG Lighting


There is joy in watching surprised looks on the faces of children as they open gifts. Material gifts can be precious but the greatest gifts that we can give to children aren’t wrapped in fancy paper and they can’t be purchased at the mall. The greatest gifts were meant to be passed on to others. The receivers of these gifts are often initially unaware of what they are actually receiving. The gifts of forgiveness, sharing, fairness, and caring are the most valuable gifts. These are the gifts that we can give away but still keep.

An Excerpt from The Giving Gift
A Holiday Short Story, by Brian Joseph

Happy Holidays From ADG Lighting

dering hall chimney fireplace

Dering Hall Feature: Chic Fireplace Elements & Accessories

‘Tis the season for days spent by the fire, so we’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite fireplace elements, including mantels, andirons, screens and more. Find a favorite accessory or even a stunning antique chimneypiece and make sure you’re well styled for the chilly months ahead.

Have you seen our feature this week in Dering Hall? Their inspirational piece on “Chic Fireplace Elements & Accessories” features our fixture below:

Madrid Fire Screen

madrid fire screen, adg lighting

~by ADG Lighting

Candy Cane Lane, christmas, holiday decorations, architecture, adg lighting

Candy Cane Lane STILL Shining Bright in the Valley

In this age of political correctness, you would think that excessive or outlandish public displays of Christmas cheer just might have come to an end. Recently, a Los Angeles based radio personality expressed his concern about a lack of public Christmas cheer. He related that on his drive to work, there was not a single outdoor Christmas decorations morning the streets of Los Angeles. For those who delight in the memories of a bygone era of public Christmas cheer, do not become a scrooge! There remains a strong presence of public Christmas decorations in Los Angeles.

Candy Cane Lane Lights up Woodland Hills

After 60 years in operation, the neighborhood of Woodland Hills lights up as Candy Cane Lane, and is still going strong! With neighborhood children handing out candy canes to thousands of visitors, people come from far and wide to line up and take the eight block tour of Candy Cane Lane. You will find children belting out Christmas carols from the warmth of their cars, singing along with bands of carolers and the Taft High School band.

The Christmas spirit on Candy Cane Lane dates back to 1951, according to Daily News archives, when the newly built neighborhood was surrounded by walnut groves, and the 101 Freeway didn’t stretch farther west than Sepulveda Boulevard. More contemporary accounts date the tradition to 1952. The Valley News & Green Sheet, predecessor to the Daily News, credits the themed decorations up and down Lubao Avenue to a Helen Couzens in December 1953. A neighbor asked everyone to meet and to bring their own coffee cups. During the kaffeeklatsch, residents decided they would decorate their homes for Christmas, planting stovepipe candy canes along the curb.

Celebrating the Woodland Hills Tradition

Despite the challenges the residents face – outrageous electric bills, mind-numbing traffic, stolen ornaments, trespassing, trash in their front yards and a swarm of illegal street vendors – they eagerly carry on the tradition of Candy Cane Lane. What is encouraging is that in Los Angeles, there is a group of people who, despite significant challenges, faithfully carry on with a celebrated holiday tradition.

From the Factory Floor

Renderings for a Client

full size rendering #1 adg lighting


full size rendering 2 adg lighting

By Gerald Olesker

~ ADG Lighting


kaufmann, freestone, adg lighting

LA Architecture: Celebrating Greystone Mansion Architect Gordon Kaufmann

One of the most celebrated architectural sites in Los Angeles, the Greystone Mansion, is the creation of renowned architect Gordon Kaufmann. A new book, Gordon P. Kaufmann, authored by Marc Appleton, Bret Parsons, and Steve Vaught, is the first of a new series Master Architects of Southern California published by Angel City Press. We have enjoyed collaborating with Appleton and Parsons on various design projects through the years.

Gordon Kaufmann was born in 1888 in Forest Hill, London, England and graduated from London Polytechnic Institute, circa 1908. Kaufmann then moved to Vancouver, BC, where he spent the next six years. He arrived in California in 1914 and settled in Fresno, CA. Three of his most notable projects of his career are recognized as the Greystone Mansion, Santa Anita Park and the Hollywood Palladium.

Celebrating the Style of Greystone

Greystone Mansion ADG Lighting

Greystone Mansion, also known as the Doheny Mansion, is a Tudor Revival mansion on a landscaped estate with distinctive formal English gardens, located in Beverly Hills. Architect Gordon Kaufmann designed the residence and ancillary structures, and construction was completed in 1928. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 as Doheny Estate/Greystone. The 55-room, Tudor-style former residence, 46,000 sq ft, is situated on 16 acres of land. It was built at a cost of over $4 million, and was the most expensive home built in California up to that time.

ADG Lighting was proud to be a part of the 2013 Designer Showcase at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills with interior design company L’Esperance Design, celebrating business titan William Randolph Hearst. The Greystone grand foyer was one of the spaces selected to honor the design taste of the media mogul. We selected atelier chrome fixtures and lamps that formerly sat at the Hearst estate for the showcase. Read more about our project at the Greystone Mansion!

“Every great architect is – necessarily – a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.”

~Frank Lloyd Wright

From the Factory Floor

Ball Fixtures Installed

LA Architecture ADG Lighting

Ball fixture being installed at a client site…

~by ADG Lighting