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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Furnishings by Gerald Olesker

Dining Coffee Table, Triad Lamp, Vintage Music stand, Waterford Vase and Chair 1/2 by Gerald Olesker


LIt-Up  forum  this month explores beyond lights and blends the work of small seating areas and lighting together.  Client  interaction is the appreciation and inspirations. Projects that our team at ADG have completed are many times a one of a kind project and the next project is a slight modification.

Did you know that ADG also private labels for showrooms and design businesses like yours as.. The inspiring and  engaging part of the design industry and architectural expression comes from collaboration.  You could be purchasing an item penned by Gerald Olesker or ADG Team..

Inspiring images and stories hopefully will excite, promote and engage your team. Call with an idea, work with our team to create what creates Great Design. How can we help make lighting design/. manufacturing a better part of your project.

When we share your share is just as important.

Energy Efficient and good looking items go together. We do this as well.

This is a  part of our weekly blogs and news ..Allowing us to do what we do best is part of our commitments to energy savings in a significant way.

On Going energy commitment is important.   Energy efficiency is at the top of our list.  See the new link to our hotel, restaurant and resorts folio. ADG Eco team is currently working on 2 hip southern California Restaurants.

ADG is currently working on a new Restaurant at the Pier in Manhattan Beach. It will certainly be the most exciting project this quarter.

Can you challenge us with another?

Be inspired and share your stories with us. Click on our facebook page and use the open forum or reply to our blogs (Eco and Design). see the links below by my signature.

Remember, our inspirations come from a team effort. ADG is a collaborative group enhancing the built environment through positive relationships

Always be inspired, always look to the future. It is more exciting that way.