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Monthly Archives: January 2008

See Our Collaborations On the Web!

Part of what makes a design team great is their ability to collaborate on different projects with different designers, architects, homeowners and visionaries to fulfill the needs of their client. At Architectural Detail Group, it is our mission to enhance the built environment’s needs through positive relationships. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to have our joint efforts featured different places on the web. Check out some of our projects and then let us know how we can help you make your design come to life, from concept to completion.

The following four celebrated architects, designers and contractors are all advertisers in the new LUXE magazine.

We have worked with Hablinski + Manion Architects throughout the years to create unique lighting resolutions, which you can see at their website. Italian illuminated project, a classic style Mediterranean in Brentwood and an English Manor in Bel Air.

With ——Gordon Gibson Construction, Gerald Olesker and Joey Gennaro have designed and fabricated lanterns, chandeliers and other lighting details for upper-end residences and spec homes. Currently ADG is working on a project with Gibson Construction partner Bruce Paez in the Oaks in Calabasas.

We have also collaborated on decorative lighting and ironwork designs with Bill McWhorter, former president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the ASID and Board member to Greystone Mansion. Currently, we are working on a private compound in Shady Canyon. This illustrious piece of architecture has been under construction for several years and we just completed the lighting, inside and out, in less than five weeks, and are now completing the decorative ironwork. Pacific Design Estates is the general contractor. We will post progress photos in an upcoming blog.

Recently, we were honored to be featured on, a luxury lifestyle website devoted to letting the world in on the latest in luxury living. See the article at, and then let us know how we can provide luxurious lighting and decorative ironworks for your project. Send us an Email/ click here or shop at

Know Who You’re Working With

Working on your project can be exciting and intense, especially if unexpected inconveniences arise. Our years of experience in the custom lighting and decorative iron design business have made it clear that having a set of key vendors as resources is an essential. If and when the time comes to need to review pertinent issues with a proficient consultant, you can call upon a needed vendor for additional advice. ADG has been a building industry contact for years and has experience working with multiple designers and developers to make sure that your vision is maintained throughout the process.

Building projects are time consuming and being able to rely on a vendor is important. Using established sources to get your project done ensures that each element is perfect and will seamlessly mesh together. By making sure that your team has a strong support network, you can depend on them to help you, so that all parts of your project go as planned. Not only will a team of experts make sure that all components of your project coordinate with each other, they will be available to you each step along the way.

Rather than asking someone you don’t work with how to solve any problems that arise, make sure that your network of vendors is strong and knows what they are doing. As custom lighting and design experts, we make sure that the customer can always reach us and is able to discuss any concerns they may have about their project.