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Mid-Century Modern Homes Live on in Las Vegas

Las Vegas! When you hear the name, it evokes the image of bright lights and expansive hotels. The Vegas strip lights up the western sky and the glow can be seen for miles at night.

The city bills itself as The Entertainment Capital of the World, and is famous for its mega casino–hotels and associated activities. It is a top three destination in the United States for business conventions and a global leader in the hospitality industry, claiming more AAA Five Diamond hotels than any city in the world.

Interest in the architecture of Las Vegas began in the late 1960s, when in 1967 architects Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown travelled to the city accompanied by students in order to study its architecture. Venturi’s architecture has had worldwide influence, beginning in the late 1960s with the dissemination of the broken-gable roof of the Vanna Venturi House and the segmentally arched window and interrupted string courses of Guild House. The playful variations on vernacular house types seen in the Trubeck and Wislocki Houses offered a new way to embrace, but transform, familiar forms. The facade patterning of the Oberlin Art Museum and the laboratory buildings demonstrated a treatment of the vertical surfaces of buildings that is both decorative and abstract, drawing from vernacular and historic architecture while still being modern.

In 1972, with Venturi and Steven Izenour, Scott Brown wrote Learning From Las Vegas: the Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form. The book published studies of the Las Vegas Strip, undertaken with students in a research studio Scott Brown taught with Venturi in 1970 at Yale’s School of Architecture and Planning. The book joined Venturi’s previous Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture (Museum of Modern Art, 1966) as a rebuke to orthodox modernism and elite architectural tastes, and a pointed acceptance of American sprawl and vernacular architecture. The book coined the terms “duck” and “decorated shed” as applied to opposing architectural styles. Scott Brown has remained a prolific writer on architecture and urban planning.

Scott Brown and Robert Venturi strove for understanding the city in terms of social, economic and cultural perspectives, viewing it as a set of complex systems upon planning. Prior to design, the Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates firm studies the trends of the area, marking future expansions or congestions. These studies influence plans and design makeup.

Mid-Century Modern in Las Vegas

Get past the tract homes and the millionaire castles that cover the landscape of Las Vegas, and you will find jewels of mid-century modern style homes. The 1950s and 60s were a time of tremendous growth and architectural experimentation in the U.S., which was mirrored in the Las Vegas valley.

The postwar construction boom in Las Vegas led to the creation of some of the country’s largest concentrations of mid-century modern houses. In a lot of other places the mid-modern homes were built in a ring around the city. Most of our mid-modern homes are clustered in more central locations, not too far off of the Strip. It has made Las Vegas a destination for mid-modern enthusiasts. Mid-century modern homes are typically built low with open floor plans, flat planes, large windows and the use of repeating patterns and natural materials, such as rough stone.

Paradise Palms has 1022 mid-century modern homes and is nestled near the Las Vegas National Golf Course, just minutes to the world famous Las Vegas Strip.  Paradise Palms homes were built between the years of 1960-1979.

With the revitalization of downtown Las Vegas, urban living has become wildly popular. These classic homes with vintage character and some even with a flair of historic backgrounds are very appealing to all types of buyers.


From the Design Studio

Quick sketch of a lantern for a new project

from the design studio, adg lighting

by Gerald Olesker, ADG Lighting

Creative Inspirations Thrive with ADG and Dering Hall

Image courtesy of Tiffany Harris Design. Sconces and brass feet by ADG Lighting.

ADG Lighting has always branded itself on being a leading creative design and manufacturing firm for custom lighting. We are fanatic about using our 20 plus years experience to bring to life the vision of clients in a manner that evokes quality and style. This passion for design and quality have made for a perfect partnership with Dering Hall.

Dering Hall is passionate about design and broadening the audience for the best the industry has to offer. Their mission is to assemble a community of the world’s leading creators in one place and to connect them with savvy and sophisticated consumers.

With our partnership, we are able to showcase our creativity in a manner that inspires both clients and designers alike. We are proud to share two of our recent features on the Dering Hall platform.


44 Chic Outdoor Lights

An exterior space isn’t complete without the right lighting. Take yours to the next level with this collection of stylish outdoor lighting, including our Moroccan-inspired design.


Captured Glass Genie Lamp

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10 Modern Kitchens Featured on Instagram

From monochrome and minimalist to chic and colorful, these ten Dering Hall designers have shared some of our favorite modern kitchens on Instagram. Scroll through for some inspiration and new designers you must add to your Instagram feed. You can also see our Christopher’s Pendant featured!


Christopher’s Pendant


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From the Design Studio of ADG

Late night rendering for an ADG job site in La Canada, California by Gerald Olesker

adg lighting blog

Our work has been viewed millions of times online and featured in several media outlets, including 20/Twenty Architectural & Beyond, California Homes Magazine, Elle Decor, SFV Business Journal, Architectural Digest, Institute of Classical Architecture Publications, Wall Street Radio, Fox News Charlene on Green Hawaii, North American Design’s Green Leaders of Tomorrow, LA City Watch, LUXE Magazine + other award-winning magazines, books, programs and properties around the world.

Email or call us at 866.584.9282 for more information on our custom services.

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Aspen Architecture: Historic Protections and LEED Gold Certification

The ultimate challenge for an architect — build a new home with modern design features, while meeting the exacting requirements of a historical commission and achieve a LEED Gold Certification. That is a demanding order! The architecture firm of Rowland & Broughton have done just exactly that. Their latest project was a new construction that met the expectations of the City of Aspen’s Historic Preservation Commission because of the historical value of the neighborhood. They also achieved a LEED Gold certification for its environmental protection and limited impact.

This creative home is 4,291 square feet with a main building and a detached garage. The home has an open floor plan design which optimizes its space for entertaining and a relaxed living environment. The LEED Gold-certified home is outfitted with home automation technology and powered by solar panels mounted on the garage roof. The interior features natural materials, energy-efficient fixtures, and eco-friendly finishes free of harmful chemicals. The house design minimized erosion and site impact during construction. Stormwater runoff is managed onsite and drained into the bocce ball court, which filters the water before it flows to the aquifer.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a globally recognized symbol of excellence in green building. Its certification ensures electricity cost savings, lower carbon emissions and healthier environments for the places we live, work, learn, play and worship. LEED’s global sustainability agenda is designed to achieve high performance in key areas of human and environmental health, acting on the triple bottom line – putting people, planet and profit first. LEED credits are awarded by third-party technical reviewers; are applicable to all building types throughout a building’s lifecycle; and are developed through several rounds of public comments and in collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) board, broader membership and staff.

From the Factory Floor

Reboot nickel vintage fixture

ADG lighting

by ADG Lighting

avalon vista newport beach

Custom Lighting Design: ADG Lighting Featured in $21 Million Home

The Newport Coast community is the site of a home which prominently features the creative lighting designs of Gerald Olesker and ADG Lighting, along with several other prominent tradesmen. The sale of the home at Avalon Vista set a record for the area at $21 million.

ADG Lighting engages in projects across the spectrum with multi-family homes, spec homes, beach homes, restaurants, hotels, and landmarks worldwide, providing high-caliber design and sustainable lighting solutions. ADG proudly provides high-caliber design and sustainable lighting solutions for clients and businesses from the West Coast to the East Coast.

“We’re proud to be part of such an expansive and landmark project.”


The Newport Coast is a spectacular and breathtaking part of Southern California. Artisans like ADG Lighting are both proud and honored to be practicing their craft in such a renowned area. This particular project is one of over 150 homes Olesker has completed in Newport Coast.

Richard Krantz, AIA Architect and founder of Richard Krantz Architecture recently stated, “As an architect, with so much thought and careful attention applied to composing a custom home, it’s a joy to work with Gerald on lighting fixtures that truly complement our architectural design.” Richard went on to say, “He studies and understands the architecture, and his resulting creation contributes exceptional enhancement and just the right finishing touch to a great home.”


Avalon Vista, Newport Beach

The expansive project was masterfully constructed by Iraj Roohani, president of Pelican Developers. Roohani likes having custom lights in his projects, and enjoys collaborating with Olesker. “He is very detail-oriented and stands behind his work,” said Roohani. “He’ll go through the clients’ needs in order to be cost-effective with the project.”

This special project included work from several other tradesmen, including Erwin Gutenkunst, president of Neolithic Design, who provided the fireplaces throughout the property.

From the Factory Floor

Unlacquered brass fixture
Custom Lighting ADG Lighting
~by Gerald Olesker, ADG Lighting
Happy Man Listening To Music While Sitting On Sofa

Podcast: How Creativity Changes Your Environment

Creating Lighting Fixtures and Furnishings That Change an Environment

Join Gerald Olesker on this amazing podcast adventure with Jay and Michelle Leiberman of the Conejo Valley Advice Givers. They spend about 30 minutes together exploring the possibilities of how creating lighting fixtures and furniture can change an environment.

Episode 061: Lighting and Furnishings | Gerald Olesker – owner of ADG Lighting | Creating Lighting Fixtures and Furnishings That Change an Environment

From the Design Studio

Art install by Gerald Olesker, circa 21st century

adg lighting, design studio

dering hall

Dering Hall Feature: One-of-a-Kind Vintage & Antique Lighting

Add dimension to your design by infusing it with one-of-a-kind vintage and antique lighting. From 19th century crystal chandeliers to mid century modern table lamps, this collection features unique lighting for every space.

We are so honored to be featured by Dering Hall in their One-of-a-Kind Vintage & Antique Lighting feature. Our creative and inspirational fixture was featured and presented to you below:

Vintage Cast Miniature Pendant

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