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Did You Give Your Tradesman or Artisan Credit Today?

Several lighting fixtures designed and manufactured by ADG Lighting were featured in this Architectural Digest video tour of Kourtney Kardashian’s home (designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard), which contains unauthorized use of our work product.

As you’ll see, credit to ADG Lighting was left out of the original video. We have included a re-edited version here by 20/twenty publishing. Out of the approximately 87 items featured, 5 of them were crafted by ADG Lighting.

The ADG products featured in this video were designed and manufactured by ADG Lighting specifically for this home. These products were not intended for public display or publication without written consent from ADG Lighting. Architectural Digest did not seek permission, and specifically had been notified. While it is exciting that Architectural Digest did publish the home with 3 variations of the issue, they had been contacted that ADG did create the majority of the lighting for this home, from curbside-to-poolside™. The video does not include a resource list of the trades, nor ADG Lighting credits. We thank Martyn Lawrence Bullard for all of his shout-outs and continued support on this and other projects. Thanks to Kourtney Kardashian for the opportunity to work on this project along with the other trades.

As professionals and artisans, we seek to elevate the values and standards of our industry through well-designed work. By elevating makers, publications like Architectural Digest can help support the trades in the design process.

How many lost opportunities do we see on a regular basis for artisans (like us)? By not giving credit where credit is due, it is creating a major disservice to those interested readers and viewers who want to learn more about interior design and architecture. The Kourtney Kardashian Architectural Digest video has almost 800,000 views. Whether copyrighted, trademarked, or just a great work effort, the team at ADG Lighting works to collaborate with the design process. When Architectural Digest intentionally leaves out trade information and does not share known references, its actions cause design enthusiasts, interior designers and readers to assume the responsibility to find out the makers on a project. This is AD’s responsibility. As designers and fabricators, this causes a loss of revenue and our intellectual property to disappear. Shame on AD. The trades work hard at making these homes beautiful and supporting the design and architectural community.

Several of our sconces, outdoor lighting and chandeliers are featured throughout the home. Many of the lighting elements that appear in the feature* (and every other video blog and media source that picked up the videos) were retained by interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard for the remodel. He continually collaborates with ADG Lighting, and we thank him for his efforts.

These creative and quality designs by ADG Lighting add an elegance and style to Kourtney’s amazing home. Watch the video below.

Thanks 20/twenty for recognizing the contribution by our ADG artisans and re-editing the video in an artistic and tasteful manner.

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*Previous homeowner was Keyshawn Johnson. The previous designer on the home was Camille Forte. For additional current and past resources, contact 20/twenty publishing.




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Exploring Mid-Century Modern Jewels in the Valley

We absolutely love the inspiration of mid-century modern architecture. Being in Southern California, we are in the perfect location to enjoy the best examples of the period. Throughout the Southern California/Palm Springs/Las Vegas regions, we are surrounded by influences of the design. Two of the most renowned architects associated with mid-century modern design are Dan Palmer and William Krisel. Their most well know projects are the ‘butterfly’ houses built in Palm Springs by the Alexander Construction Company.  Some of Palmer-Krisel’s work can be experienced in the San Fernando Valley. The newly constituted San Fernando Conservancy of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley, is active in preserving and showcasing the work of Palmer-Krisel.

Exploring Mid-Century Modern Design

The homes recently featured by the conservancy are located in the Corbin Palms development, located in Woodland Hills. Between 1953 and 1955, Palmer-Krisel designed 5 unique floor plans for the subdivision. Today these homes stand refreshed and represent the common love of the design style and preserving the mid-century modern architecture found throughout the San Fernando Valley. The conservancy focused on Corbin Palms, which was among the most intact of the endangered modern neighborhoods. Through their actions and activism, the conservancy hope to inspire more preservation of mid-century modern architecture that dots the landscape in the neighborhoods of the San Fernando Valley.

Supporting the Design

We are lovingly inspired by the actions of the conservancy, the home owners and the fans of mid-century modern architecture in our region. The design takes us back to a simpler time. A time of simple elegance that reflects the prosperity of the period. It is truly a timeless legacy! At ADG Lighting, we offer unlimited possibilities when designing around mid-century modern themes.

Since the inception of mid-century and the preservation and bastardization of these properties, there have been an influx of stylized light fixtures.

ADG has worked effortlessly with its principal Gerald Olesker and Sr. Designer Joey Gennaro to created inspired fixtures that compliment the mid-century movement. Understating architecture and product design is key to creating pieces that work with the homes. Visit our website at and exploring our collections and lookbooks that feature our interpretations of this era.

Graham Brass Wall Flood

18967 1 LED Br W Sh Brass Wall Flood Graham 1024x955

Pyrex Glass Trumpet Sconce Styled Vintage Light

5206 LED Br S Sh Pyrex Glass Trumpet Sconce Styled Vintage Light 786x1024

Spago Cone Chandelier

5210 Cb5 Br Pen Sh Spago Cone Chandelier 510x1024

1950’s Style Chicago Pendant

7190 Mb2 Al H Sh 1950 Style Chicago Pendant E14133313508421

Square Mesh Wall Sconce

7766 Cb8 Stch P Ba Square Mesh Wall Sconce CR 881x1024

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Celebrating Palm Springs Style, Frank Sinatra’s Way

I Did It My Way

Just after World War II, Frank Sinatra first visited Palm Springs. He was captivated by the simplicity and beauty of the desert retreat. It was an attractive opportunity for Sinatra because of the beauty, the hometown feel of the community and the close proximity to Los Angeles. Other stars, including Ava Gardner and Lana Turner, were calling Palm Springs home and Sinatra was part of that community. During the 50’s, as his career grew, so did his property. He sold the first home he had purchased and moved into a new property that became the Sinatra compound. He was meticulous in keeping the detail and natural environment in the desert intact in the compound. The home grew into a place of luxury, style and comfort for both Sinatra and the guests that he welcomed there.

Enjoying Comfort Sinatra’s Way

Sinatra expanded his compound to offer the maximum comfort, privacy and luxury for his guests. The compound was expanded by 2 1/2 acres, with two 2 bedroom guest homes added, with all the comforts and luxury he could offer. Each home occupied a place off either end of his swimming pool. Each cottage offered his-and-her bathrooms, including salon quality amenities. The main house was also expanded to offer a 24 seat dining room and a restaurant size kitchen. As a guest of Sinatra, one never wanted for anything! He ensured that whatever a guest might need or desire, he was able to provide that. It was a focus on pure luxury and relaxation. Prior to being elected President, John F. Kennedy was a guest in the compound and Sinatra installed a plaque to commemorate the event. The compound continued to experience expansion at the direction of Sinatra. These expansions included a tennis court, helicopter pad, a projection room and an office to display his multitudes of Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and gold records. Two additional cottages were added to the compound, one of which was the “Christmas Tree House.” This cottage was a four bedroom home with a living room, kitchen and swimming pool, which was built specifically for his children. They gave it the name because of the big pine tree out front.

Experiencing Palm Springs

Palm Springs remains an exciting desert oasis for its wealthy and well-to-do guests and residents. It also reflects the inspired style of a bygone era that is immortalized by Sinatra. It is the largest concentration of mid-century modern architecture in the United States and inspired the design aesthetic called Desert Modernism. Palm Springs was designated as a Preserve America City in 2009 by President Obama and has been identified in the top 12 cultural tourism destinations in America.

At ADG Lighting, we are profoundly inspired and moved by the environment in Palm Springs. For us, Palm Springs represent a mecca of creativity and design.

We are proud that our work has been viewed millions of times online and featured in many high-end luxury projects across the West Coast and Southern California. Our work has also been featured in several media outlets, including 20/Twenty Architectural & Beyond, California Homes Magazine, Elle Decor, SFV Business Journal, Architectural Digest, Institute of Classical Architecture Publications, Wall Street Radio, Fox News Charlene on Green Hawaii, North American Design’s Green Leaders of Tomorrow, LA City Watch, LUXE Magazine + other award-winning magazines, books, programs and properties around the world.

Be sure to visit our website and explore our creativity. See how easy it is to innovate and collaborate with ADG Lighting! Feel free to contact us at 818-597-9494 or email us at



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Dering Hall Featured Product: Gargoyle Wood Lantern

Our creative partnership with Dering Hall is both unique and exciting. The Dering Hall platform is a premier resource site dedicated to offering luxurious and timely design elements. It is the perfect partnership for ADG Lighting. We are able to offer our creative, quality offerings to discerning designers and clients looking for those perfect inspiration for their projects.

This month, Dering Hall featured our Gargoyle Wood Lantern in their High End Hanging Lantern inspirational article on the platform. The Gargoyle Wooden Lantern is the perfect inspirational piece for this exciting feature. The lantern is a vintage gesso and gilt wood pendant that adds a sense of style and quality to any design project. The inspirational workmanship of the lantern, along with the highest attention to detail in the manufacturing process reflects the true value of the piece.

We are very proud to have this high end lantern featured on the Dering Hall platform. It reflects the ability of ADG Lighting to provide creativity and quality in every “possibility” that we offer. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we are inspired by creativity and the possibilities of every piece we bring to life. Our passion is to create works that inspire our clients to dream of all possibilities available to their projects.

We are also very proud that our work has been viewed millions of times online and featured in several media outlets, including 20/Twenty Architectural & Beyond, California Homes Magazine, Elle Decor, SFV Business Journal, Architectural Digest, Institute of Classical Architecture Publications, Wall Street Radio, Fox News Charlene on Green Hawaii, North American Design’s Green Leaders of Tomorrow, LA City Watch, LUXE Magazine + other award-winning magazines, books, programs and properties around the world.

You can also see our full scope of styles through our lookbooks. You can purchase factory direct with modifications as well. Give us a call at (818) 597-9494, or email us at for more information.