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Saving the American job a Tribute to Labor Day



The importance of Labor Day is to Honor the American Worker

The form for the celebration of Labor Day was outlined in the first proposal of the holiday: A street parade to exhibit to the public “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations,” Click here for a few tips for the Us Census Bureau as to what Labor day is about. Founded by Peter J. McGuire, general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, Peter was a pioneer. Now some of you may think that Unions are un-American. The reality is that the Unions protected the American Worker. Certainly there can be changes and modification to the Union Policies, but how better to Honor those that have built a nation of strength with buying American. Not just “””American””” Services. But real American Product.

I will teach you about a small ripple effect. If our small factory in Chatsworth CA grows, what will happen? More jobs! . How do we grow; by stores and resellers purchasing our products and reselling them to the general public. So when you think about the $200 lantern from Home Depot think about all of the Chinese families abroad you are helping. When you buy a similar lantern from a store like Lightopia in Laguna Beach California you just helped the ripple effect and create more American jobs. Now when you buy a custom lantern the price is higher and the skill of the worker is too. That’s where the Innovative American Worker and American Factory comes into play like at Architectural Detail Group, inc.

One million dollars in revenue to a small American factory can employ 6 laborers, 2 office staff, management and the sales people making the deals. In-turn they Sell to the store that can resell the American Light fixture, that can employ more staff. Each one of these people can pay rent or their mortgage, buy food and pay some bills. Keep buying American and what else can that do?.

The Environmental * Economy team at ADG Eco Lighting did a study for the Valley Economic Alliance. Replacing 15,000 poor energy consuming fixtures in the San Fernando Valley, by our company manufacturing in the San Fernando Valley, would equate to a 20 year savings, for the City of LA, of $50,000,000 and creating 1,000 new jobs within the Valley, with 60 new immediate factory jobs. That’s a small amount of lights and a large impact to the city budget and local American Worker. (that is sustainability too)

So do not wait for the Government to bail you out. it is great that president Obama has pledged billions in infrastructure. How about doing your part and finding the American Made goods to purchase when upgrading or replacing your business or home needs and use sustainable products. When decorating with Light fixtures or other designer products check the label, Ask a friend, find a company like .

Just Buy American, It will help heal our economy.

This Home is always in the news

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abc news Gretzky Home




Real-estate, High Design, Good Neighborhood. Where is it all these days? From Wayne Gretzky to Lenny Dykstra to whose home this is next all this is – is a transfer of wealth and like the game of Monopoly, some-one is holding all money.  A well designed homelike this employed a team of craftspeople, design professionals and city staff. At the time this was built I was the president of my family business (Lantern Masters) and now the CEo/ founder of ADG Eco Lighting. Both employing the American Worker. So foreclosures or not, what went right in this project is that  it employed many Americans.


At adg Eco Lighting Products we manufacture induction lighting products for, schools, factories and upper end residential. To help keep the dollars in America it’s simple. When building keep using American made products and American service providers. Otherwise it’s like playing Monopoly with the kid that has has to leave the game and has all the money. when will he ever come back or make the loan to the other players.???


Now is the time to help support American businesses.   Many of my friends in Entrepreneurs Organization (US) are making these efforts and may are struggling. Look at what the small Los Angeles based  chapter is doing:


EO Los Angeles


Sales (US$)





  EO Global


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abc news Gretzky Home
abc news Gretzky Home