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Hospitality Lighting

ADG Lighting has been involved in a number of commercial and hospitality projects worldwide, including restaurants and hotels. We have custom designed and manufactured fixtures for several entities, including Manhattan Beach Country Club, MGM Grand Las Vegas, Spago’s Beverly Hills, and SLS Hotel Florida. We’ve worked in cities across the United States and worldwide, including Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, San Luis Obispo, Austin, New York, Denver, Santa Monica, Salt Lake City, Redondo Beach, Flagstaff (Arizona), Charlotte (North Carolina), Lake Charles (Louisiana), Akron (Ohio), Shanghai, among others.

We have also worked with a number of schools, hospitals, and government agencies, such as Cal State Dominguez Hills, the United States Air Force, the Department of the Navy, and NCH Hospitals in Chicago. For a view of our hospitality work, click here. We’re also a featured reseller of Legrand.