Featured Real Estate

The following featured estates and properties represent a partial list of the projects by award-winning lighting firm ADG Lighting. Having designed and manufactured lighting for more than $3 billion in real estate, Gerald Olesker and the ADG team has worked with numerous cities, Fortune 500 company owners, celebrities, and military installations.
7 Beverly Ridge
$16.7 million
34 Beverly Park
Michael Strahan Estate: $18.6 million
54 Beverly Park
$19.5 million
1231 Dolphin Terrace, Newport Beach
Gary Matthews Jr. Estate: $15.5 million
2121 La Mesa
$17.8 million
9904 Kip Drive
$23 million
Lake Arrowhead Estate
$10 million
Keyshawn Johnson Estate: $8.5 million
Sherwood Country Club
Wayne Gretzky Estate: $14.9 million
Heidi Klum Estate
$24 million
John Lackey Estate
$10 million
Latitude 33 Complex
Le Grand Reve Estate, Chicago/Winnetka
$15.9 million
Lake Oswego Estate, Oregon
$5.4 million
Shady Canyon Villa, Irvine
Shawn Green Estate: $10.9 million
Candy Spelling Estate
$85 million
Carolwood Disney Estate
$90 million
Landry – Beverly Hills
Newport Coast Finance
$18.5 million
77 Beverly Park
Prince’s Former Estate: $23.5 million
75 Beverly Park
Vanna White’s Former Estate: $1.8 million/yr lease
72 Beverly Park
$35.9 million
330 Mapleton Drive
$19.5 million
2630 Eden Place
$5 million
Orrington Estate
$12.2 million
Pacific Palisades Historic Restoration
$19 million
LA Country Club Area
Wallace Neff Estate
$16.5 million
Montecito Estate
$65 million
Austin, Texas Property
$4 million
Hoboken, New Jersey Property
$3.5 million
Mulholland Estates Property
$10 million
Richard Zanuck Estate
$20.1 million
El Masian, La Canada Flintridge
$7.8 million
Andrew Getty Estate, Los Angeles
$6.1 million
Avalon Vista Property, Newport Beach
$21 million
Tigertail Property, Brentwood
$30 million
Midsummer Property, Newport Coast
$17.9 million
Hidden Hills Estate
$6.75 million
Broad Beach Estate, Malibu
$20+ million
1115 South Oak Knoll, Pasadena
$3.2 million
615 25th Street, Santa Monica
$8.9 million
24051 Long Valley Rd, Hidden Hills
$17.5 million

1856 Dawn Meadow Street, Westlake Village
$16.5 million

16 Raiders Lane, Darien CT
$8.4 million
Montecito ADG 70 million

Montecito, California
$70 million

Eisner Malibu Estate
$225 million

Montecito ADG 70 million

Scooter Braun Property
$65 million