What people say about the TEAM at ADG Lighting.
It is critical to address a home’s lighting during the framing stage for the best overall functionality. Whether or not the homeowner has an interior designer at this stage, Architectural Detail Group’s services, ranging from custom fixture design to J-box location, add value to the process. And, the homeowner ends up with higher quality lighting for a lower price.
Gordon Gibson

Gordon Gibson Construction

I like the work that you did on our recently completed Morris Residence in Shady Canyon. Lighting like architecture is a mixture of art and science put together by craftsmen and you certainly have that talent.

Richard Krantz Architect

October 2014 Newport Beach

When I was unable to find the right cabinetry to house a computer and television for our home, Architectural Detail Group took a frustrating process off my hands. ADG combined great listening skills with tremendous vision and design talent to produce a sensational piece. From beginning to end, they communicated their ideas, educated me about the design elements and delivered a gorgeous piece of furniture.

Homeowner in Lake Sherwood in Ventura, California

It is a daunting task to find the right light fixtures to complement a custom home. Architectural Detail Group’s unique one-stop shopping service ensures that homeowners get high quality light fixtures that are perfectly tailored for their homes. I recommend bringing ADG in early in the process to save a tremendous amount of time and energy and for the best results.

Erik E

AIA former president Institute of Classical Architecture Multiple Publications & Lifestyles

Thank you! The Fixtures added so much to the project. Thank you for all your work. All the best, Marie

Marie Carson

M. Elle Design – December 1, 2011 Published Elle Decor August 2013

Whether a client wants unique light fixtures or something tailored from an antique design, ADG simplifies the decision-making process through well done sketches and full scale drawings. We are so pleased with ADG’s wrought iron design work as applied to light fixtures that we are having them design a wrought iron banister for a client’s home.

Paul Williger

Appleton & Associates current president of Institute of Architecture, Southern California. Published 30% of the Classicist Lighting by Gerald Olesker and with Architectural Digest

It is crucial for me to be able to trust my suppliers. I can completely depend on ADG to design and deliver the highest end, custom light fixtures. ADG clearly communicates throughout the process, providing well-drawn sketches, mock-ups and sample materials. At delivery, my clients know what to expect and are extremely happy with the outcomes.

Robert Ricker

Interior Designer – Newport Coast

Gerald is that perfect combination of high creativity with heavy attention to detail. I have seen many examples of his designs and was impressed with them all. In addition, having observed him work as a manager, I was also impressed with his skill at meeting deadlines, managing the work of others, and growing his businesses. He has high energy and enthusiasm that he channels into productive outcomes.

Steve Schuster

Adjunct Professor, California State University

Gerald bills himself as an architect (of Lighting) but he is truly an entrepreneur. Gerald’s work in the lighting industry has set the bar very high because his designs as well as his approaches to problem solving are so unique. He’s creative, he’s powerful, and he is well known in this industry. But outside of his industry, he has, potentially, even more energy. I regularly call on Gerald to bounce ideas around because I always know that he’ll provide great feedback, and he has great contacts to boot.

Joel Block

Real Estate Hedge Fund Manager was a consultant or contractor to Gerald at Architectural Detail Group, Inc

Gerald is relentlessly creative and absolutely dedicated to produce a project that will satisfy the most demanding expectations.

Ivan Halperin

Managing Director, the Halperin Companies – AEPi

Gerald designed beautiful lighting fixtures for my last house and my current house. They have always been unique and built to last. – Top qualities: Great Results, Personable , Creative

Scott Perren

Hired Gerald as a Lighting Architectural Designer , and hired Gerald more than once.

Gerald is a cross between Al Gore and Thomas Edison.

Larry Rothstein, ESQ

Stated Live at All Cities October 2009

…it looks beautiful !! The client (is) very happy with it !!… And I will definitely look forward to working with you again.

Alex of Trip Haenisch Designs

November 21, 2012

Per a telephone call with Rocky Mountain Power: Gave you a great reference today (as related to Acorn Retrofits Washington Pennsylvania Historic Downtown).

Thomas Berton, P.E.

ABM -Building Solutions – August 27, 2012

Thanks! And I LOVE my fixture!! It’s RAD.

Heather Greenbaum

Homeowner in Malibu, CA – June 21, 2013

As a Real-Estate agent working with an exclusive clientele at Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty it is important that the relationship of client and vendors produce salable properties. I have known Gerald for over 25 years. His values and his company’s values at ADG Lighting are amongst the top in his industry. Decorative Lighting and other architectural furnishings and follies make a property exciting. We are collaborating with ADG currently on an iron pavilion. I definitely recommend engaging with a firm like ADG and a top designer like Gerald Olesker Houzz.

Mark Schauder

August 2014 Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

ADG custom designed and made the exterior light fixtures to our specs flawlessly for our dream new home in Litchfield County, CT. We cannot recommend ADG highly enough and we fully intend to purchase more lights from them.

Houzz – Peter Klem

Litchfield County Premier Broker March 2014

I have worked with Gerald and ADG on several projects that have included custom lighting and specialty metal work. The work is second to none, and Gerald brings a wealth of experience to the table. From the initial concept sketches to the completed work it is a thoughtful and seamless process. I highly recommend ADG.

Houzz – Paul Brant Williger Architect

March 2013

Gerald and his team at ADG Lighting did a wonderful job! His professionalism and creativity are unmatched, and he made the entire process a wonderful experience. His pieces are beautiful and unique, and he was able to meet our budget. I would highly recommend ADG Lighting to anyone looking for spectacular lighting!

Houzz – Heather Greenbaum

October 2013

I highly recommend ADG Lighting. They have a very talented team of craftsmen and designers who are practically unlimited in their offerings. I was very pleased with the custom fixtures they produced for me, and will definitely be contacting them again next time I have a need. If you’re looking for someone who will walk with you through the entire process, and create a custom project tailored for your needs, ADG is the company for you!

Houzz – Naomi Rose Interiors

August 2014

It was a pleasure working with Gerald Olesker on multiple homes in Beverly Park. (22 to date + BP HOA). He created beautiful custom lighting that complements the style and scale of each home. Throughout the process, Gerald went the extra mile to make sure everyone would be happy with the end results.

Brian Adler The Adler Development Group

Homes Published from Architectural Digest To Worth Magazine

Lighting is an incredibly important element to architecture. I don’t hesitate to call ADG for the highest quality surface mounted light fixtures that are both beautiful and functional. ADG is very innovative, expanding on our ideas or altering our direction as needed to derive the best product design.

Bill Hablinski of Hablinski Architects

Homes Published Architectural Digest

It was such a pleasure working with Gerald. During the concept phase, he created beautiful sketches to convey his design ideas. During the manufacturing phase, he found alternative materials to meet our budget. And, during and after the installation phase, he went out of his way to make sure the final pieces were just right.

Deirdre Wallace Hotelier the Ambrose Hotel

LEED Silver EB Winner of multiple industry awards, Peoples Choice, Trip Adviser 2013

We were looking for high quality lighting fixtures with a timeless, classical style when our interior designer introduced us to Gerald Olesker. Gerald delivered exactly what we were looking for, on time and on budget. Years later, we remain extremely pleased.

Walter Iberti

Homeowner in Montecito, CA

When we could not find high end brass light fixtures for our new home, our architect recommended Gerald Olesker. Gerald is passionate about lighting and impressed us with his breadth of product knowledge. We entrusted him to create and deliver approximately 75 light fixtures and are extremely happy with the outcome.

(Anonymous) DZ. of Brentwood

Homeowner & National Retailer

It was such a pleasure working with Gerald Olesker on the lighting for our home. He is a great listener and very effectively communicated his visions to enhance our home’s environment through lighting while staying within our tastes. Gerald simplified an otherwise complicated process and masterfully handled everything from design through delivery.

Alexander Cappello of (Cappello Capital)


When we recommend a resource to our clients, it is imperative that we are 100% confident that the highest quality of service and workmanship will be provided. ADG has earned our trust with their comprehensive lighting design services. They are a pleasure to work with, helping to make beautiful spaces yet more beautiful.

Monique Lafia

Lafia / Arvin, A Design Corporation, Keynote DWELL 2013 Multiple projects Published with ADG Lights & Furnishings, CA Homes 2013

Gerald’s the kind of guy who’s always thinking of a better way of doing it, no matter what it is. That makes for a better result and a much more enjoyable relationship overall.

Rob Frankel

The best branding expert on the planet. www.robfrankel.com

I have known Gerald for over four years and know him to be honest, ethical and respectful of his clients and their needs. Any interaction with him is a positive one.

Jeff Kleid

Former President, Elite Risk Management / J&J Coastal

The exterior fixtures that are mounted on stone are up and look great!

Maureen Dawn

May 18, 2012

Gerald is a creative team player with primer business insights. He has uncanny instincts for marketing. His knowledge and analysis of branding is right up there with the best of the best. Gerald’s forward thinking wisdom served as a beacon of hope during the stormy days at Cabrillo Music Theatre. It is a joy to work with Gerald. He brightens everyone’s world.

Carole W. Nussbaum

former President/CEO, Cabrillo Music Theatre – worked directly with Gerald at Cabrillo Music Theatre

Travis, We had a very good night last night. Your fixture performed at 2 FC at 30 degree pole height. Congrats…I had my doubts. This project is going to come down to the installed cost per fixture. There are pros and cons to both LED and induction. Our asset manger was very impressed with our demo pole we set up. It looks like to me that a 150w Induction fixture is about right. – Bruce C. Manning Director of Engineering – Able Engineering Services …Please be advised that the concept submitted…regarding Renewable Energy…has been accepted by the Government of Ghana and is now a national issue…

Nana Yeboah Kordie

I – Nthaera Kyidomnhene – December 2011

My client received her 2 fixtures and loves them – they are gorgeous.

Christina Kim Designs

October 26, 2012

Thank you, thank you, amazing! You’re such a rock star. Above and beyond!

Ellen Farentino

Manager Spago, Wolfgang Puck – February 23, 2013

Thank you Gerald & Joey for all of your hard work making this monster happen!! It’s really gorgeous!!! I couldn’t be happier!!! Love the bulb sizing, gauge, color EVERYTHING!!!

Camille Forte Designer

June 2013

Thank you Gerald Olesker, you are one of the most talented resources in lighting – and are quite modest – you are a pleasure to work with.

Monique Lafia - Lafia/Arvin

September 30, 2011 Multiple Projects Published with ADG Lighting Florida Design, Architectural Digest, Trends Landry Design Modern To Classic

Stock and custom lighting per our specifications. Custom range hood per our design and specifications. Custom finishes. Easy and pleasant to work with ADG. We will do it again.


Newman & Wolen Design December 2013

Gerald is one of the kindest and most thought provoking designers I have dealt with. He worked closely with my husband and father-in-law on their buildings. I always enjoy seeing his work and the constant updates he provides are key to communication.

Houzz – DaHLS

September 2014

ADG Lighting has been a delight to work with. Gerald is very courteous, knowledgeable, and very prompt. I strongly recommend this company. I am looking forward to working with them again.

Houzz – Grace Shain of Shain Development

September 2014

ADG Lighting has done several jobs for me….at both my home and my restaurant. Gerald was easy to work with, he gave me good suggestions (which kept me UNDER budget!) and he kept me informed about the status of my job. I love the way the lights look…I would hire ADG Lighting again and I have recommended them to my friends.

Houzz – Ashley Paige

January 2012