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Sherwood Home for Sale Sherwood home for sale
It’s good to see that years later a home I worked on is for sale, high value, great designer, Monique Lafia and Architect Richard Landry worked with me when I was the president of a former company and still we team together today. the lanterns wer inspired by French Georgian architectural motifs and were a take off of Lanterns i designed at the beginning of my Career. Today we are using Eco Friendly alternatives to the typical oversees manufactured lighting. Using a local company like Architectural Detail Group for lighting provides an Estate or home of any caliber with great details, good work ethic, local talent and resources. We also promote energy savings through the type of bulbs we use like LED and induction and also how we light the properties. This is what it is all about, be Green, stay healthy and enjoy working. Because the Grass is Greener on our side.

USC Doheney Libray and Tail Light



Chrystler Ghia at USC Doheny Library Evebt and Gerald Olesker

Chrystler Ghia at USC Doheny Library Event and Gerald Olesker

So what does the USC Doheny Library vintage Cars and Lights have in common. Just really cool vintage collections now presently shown at the Library. Here I am standing next to one of my favorite cars at the event the Chrysler Green Ghia. Even more sexy is the tail light assembly and exhaust system (photo by Ron Means). Not as Green as the last post on our Green Lighting site but still very cool. No Carbon foot prints were not even a consideration when Ghia designed this auto. I take complete inspiration of the marriage of light and exhaust, trim and Grill and the Greenest thing about this car is its color. Leilani Münter and our ADG Eco Green blog at did express the importance of green and Carbon neutral events.

A Green Car like this Ghia and inspirational design should bring us all to the USC campus and just get inspired by great lights, good architecture and really cool cars.
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