Why ADG Lighting

Why choose ADG Lighting for your custom lighting solutions.

How can I order a custom fixture?
Please fill out the custom request form on our website. You can also email us at info@adgmail.com or call us directly at (818) 597-9494. If there is a fixture on our website that you would like customized, you can fill out the form directly from each product page or send us your own sketch/photo and we will work with you to fabricate to your specifications. All items are made to order.

Do you provide catalogs?
We have lookbooks available online on our website.

What materials, finishes, and colors do you use to make your lighting fixtures?
We work with all types of materials and finishes, including iron, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, wood, glass (sheet, blown, tempered, colored, crystal), painted finishes, chemical oxidized finishes, and plated finishes. We have our own signature ADG custom colors and patinas, and supply per order a set of sample chips. We can also provide a black or oil rubbed bronze finish through a dark oxidation process.

What is the availability of your lighting fixtures and turnaround time? Do you offer rush services?
We design and manufacture all of our lighting fixtures out of our Los Angeles factory. Our normal lead time is 6-8 weeks ROD/AOD (receipt of deposit/approval of drawings). Depending on the nature of the project, we can provide rush services for an additional charge. Contact our office for more information.

Is there a showroom where I can see your lights?
We don’t have a showroom, but our lights are on display at select locations nationwide. You may also schedule a factory visit. Contact us for more information.

Are your lights Energy Star compliant? Do you comply with Title 24?
Yes, we can meet Title 24 requirements if requested. Please request prior to Proforma invoice (there may be an additional charge, project specific). Special sockets are required by the code such that they do not accept standard bulbs. We offer Energy Star compliant base and light bulbs.

Do you provide photometric reports for your custom lighting?
Yes, we provide photometric reports for custom lighting, at an additional fee per project need.

Are your fixtures approved for use in Canada?
Yes, our fixtures are approved for use in Canada. They are also ETL for the USA. ETL and UL are both acceptable certifications. 

How do I clean my fixture?
For brass: Dust gently with a soft rag. Refrain from brass cleaners. Orange oil or WD-40® are acceptable to remove oxidation.
For glass: Wipe with a clean cloth moistened with warm water or alcohol.
For acrylic: Use only acrylic cleaners. Do not use Windex®, alcohol, or other similar products.
For frosted or etched glass: Dust with a soft rag.
For electroplate finishes: Use a soft rag.
For iron: While most fixtures are galvanized and primed, painted and sealed, they can rust at some point in their lifetime. Just like your iron rails, annual maintenance may be required.

Will my lights change color?
Depending on the climate where the home or space is located can influence the speed of the patina. Fixtures in very humid climates or close to the ocean may age faster and change hues.

Can you provide tips on managing my gas lights?
Here are some tips to help ensure your gas light doesn’t blow out:

  • Turn off all lights when doing maintenance and wait for the fixture to cool
  • Check for any damage on the tips or small cracks in the glass
  • Be sure the flame height is correct. Small lanterns require height of 1.5 to 2 inches, larger lanterns 2 to 2.5 inches
  • Be sure your light has proper ventilation and is clean of any dirt or dust
  • Glass can shift during shipping, so make sure your glass panes are tight against the light frame
  • Understand that propane vs. natural gas will burn differently – you will need a different burner, request at time of order

What are your shipping policies?
Please visit our terms and conditions for more information. All claims must be made in 24 hours. Shipments FOB factory. Will calls: All goods that leave the dock are transfer of rights and the responsibility of clients.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide. We can provide a shipping quote when an order is placed. Please contact us for more information.

What is your warranty on your fixtures?
Visit our terms and conditions page for more information.

We are not responsible for:

Damage caused by improper cleaning methods
Damage caused by improper installation
Damage caused by use of incorrect light bulbs (i.e. dimmable vs. non-dimmable, improper voltage use)
Damage caused by inclement weather conditions or acts of nature, vandalism or sports equipment

How do you handle lighting fixtures installed at the beach?

ADG manufactures fixtures in brass for beach conditions. Stainless steel can discolor at the beach, but the patina is part of the beauty. Remember, you may have loved those fixtures you saw in Europe, whether they were steel or iron. That rich patina is part of the beauty.

ADG strives to create lasting lighting fixtures and furnishings, but sometimes, Mother Nature is stronger than us. Annual or semi-annual cleaning may be needed. Use WD-40® or orange oil and a soft cloth. Ensure that all mounting connections and sockets during installation have VOLT Grease or conductive grease. You can purchase this at https://www.voltlighting.com/outdoor-landscape-lighting-grease/p/VAC-GREASE1.

This is standard to the industry. Some parts may be zinc coated, not all lighting parts come in solid brass. Mounting bars and nuts may or may not be brass. If rust occurs, use conductive grease and a wire brush to remove rust or seaside corrosion. Caulk as required by your local codes and/or if moisture will seep behind mounting connections. Bird poop is also messy and sometimes just a part of living on the beach.

For brass and steel, cleaning may be needed. Use WD-40® or orange oil and a soft cloth, or if painted use mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Scrubbing a fixture may remove even powder coated finishes and/or the patina you have waited for Mother Nature to make.

How do you handle RAL colors?

Refer to the latest edition of “RAL colors, interior and exterior applications” color chart from TIGER Drylac®. Be sure to get a powder-coated sample panel from TIGER Drylac® if you want an accurate color and finish assessment. To reduce the chance for color and finish inaccuracies during the specification process, indicate the TIGER Drylac® product ID along with the RAL number.

Do the lanterns have a warranty?

Yes. The lantern itself has a LIMITED lifetime warranty to the original purchaser, when installed and used as it was intended and purchased from an authorized dealer. All other parts, sockets, burners, igniters have a one-year warranty.  We will replace glass that may have been broken in shipment for a nominal charge. After that, glass is available for purchase from your distributor. ADG can repair or provide replacement parts for any of their products.

Please keep a record of your purchase to ensure any warranty rights.

Posted for immediate release: ADG will no longer accept any induction lighting warranty returns for full price. Most all components have run the total course of hours used, and those that haven’t are found to not be defective. All components must be submitted for full and complete testing, and then only post-analysis a warrantable defect will be determined.

Does ADG make custom lanterns and light fixtures, furniture and accessories?

Yes. A big part of our business is custom fabrication. Call us 866.842.8684 and our team will help you begin that process for your project.

I have heard electronic igniters can be problematic. Is that true?

The answer is yes, they can be. We found the “glow type” 120V igniters to be the most problematic. Many fabricators have had problems with all types, both the 24 volt and the 110V types that are currently on the market. Our engineering vendor has developed a new 110V igniter designed and made specifically for gas lanterns. It has undergone a year of extensive testing and has been installed in gas lanterns. We do recommend that you consider a manual burner whenever possible. They use a small amount of gas when left to burn 24/7 and are virtually problem-free. With a little cleaning of the burner tip once a year, they will provide many years of trouble-free service.

Installation information:

All our fixtures are to be installed by professional electricians, under the direction of installation instructions provided by ADG Lighting. Ensure you are meeting the weight requirements as provided by the spec sheets.

Additional information:

All orders are custom made and processed per order. Returns are not accepted. Orders may only be canceled 24 hours after placed. All other orders are subject to a 50% restocking fee or time and materials based on configuration, whichever is greater. NO REFUNDS nor request for refunds. Confirmation of order, materials, quantity is purchaser’s responsibility. ADG fulfills orders based on this request. PROFORMA INVOICE is for confirmation of quantity and price, drawings as needed are confirmation of size, material and detail-material submittals as requested per order are used to verify finish. However, finishing variation due to living finish and paint or dye lots are industry standard. All items to be verified by purchaser or agent requested for submittals. Additional items or reduction of quantity after the order has been placed and is processed will be considered a change order and billed accordingly. ADG is a materials fabricator and supplier of fine items that are made per order.