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Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Finds New Home in Historical Los Angeles Architecture

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is slated to open in the Fall of 2019 and is bringing new life to the mid-city region of Los Angeles. It will inspire and attract fans of the cinematic arts from around the world. But this iconic venue will not just attract movie fans to Los Angeles; it will attract the interest of architects and designers to visit one of the most recognizable architectural landmarks in the City of Angels. The museum will be in the old May Company building in the Miracle Mile in the Fairfax District.

Completed in 1939, the May Company building was the finest example of streamlined modern architecture in the region and was heralded as the western gateway to the Miracle Mile. The enormous gold-tiled cylinder at the corner of Fairfax Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard was a beacon for all. The May Company department store was seen as the height of luxury and convenience in Los Angeles.  

The building’s architect was Albert Martin Sr., who also designed the Million Dollar Theater and the Los Angeles City Hall. Starting in 1908, Martin started his own firm and designed some 1,500 buildings in Southern California. The May Company building was his final notable project in the region. In 1959, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce recognized Martin for his contributions to the development of Los Angeles, by awarding him its annual “Man of Achievement” award.

Without doubt, The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will be located on hallowed ground in Los Angeles. Its home will have been painstakingly restored to its original glamorous detail. For both the movie buff and the architectural aficionado, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will not only be a home, but a rebirth of one of the finest examples of streamlined modern architecture in the city. It will be a partnership that will revive the spirit of a grand time gone by.        

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by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG

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Featured Professional: Richard Krantz, Architect

Today, we’re featuring one of our favorite tradesman, Richard Krantz! Richard has been a noted architect for over twenty-five years and has worked on some of Southern California’s most beautiful homes.

Deciding to start his own firm, Richard Krantz Architecture, was a natural fit for Richard. He loves to do creative design, so having his own firm gave him the most opportunity to do so. He also loves to travel and does volunteer work by donating his time and talents to architecture projects in poor areas of the world.

Most of Richard’s work has been in Southern California, but that’s because that’s where his firm and home are. He wants to work wherever there are good properties with clients who have the vision, budget, and goals to create authentic architecture.  In addition to the firm’s projects in Crystal Cove, Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Balboa Island, Balboa Peninsula, Shady Canyon, Emerald Bay, and Laguna Beach, they have projects in Napa, Pasadena, Pebble Beach, Orcas Island in the state of Washington, and volunteer projects in other parts of the world including Africa, Indonesia, England, and other locations.

Richard comes from a family of artists and has always had a natural talent for creativity and artistry. But he’s also enjoyed technical things since childhood and was fascinated by the way things were put together. Combining art and technical skills was a perfect combination for his chosen study architecture. He earned his bachelor’s degree in the study at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

He is one of the few architects that does create his own renderings, offering his clients both interior and exterior drawings of their homes. So within a few weeks, their clients can see three-dimensional drawings of the concepts. Few architects do that anymore; it’s a good tool to artfully express a concept at an early stage.

His drawing skills help their clients and other team members visualize spaces and forms of the homes in the earliest stages of design.

What does Richard enjoy doing in his free time when he’s not busy creating some of the world’s most beautiful homes? He enjoys skiing and also enjoys aviation. He loves to read, travel and experience new things on a regular basis. He and his wife Lynne frequently enjoy their desert home where you will still find him working on his latest preliminary design.

Learn more about Richard here!