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ADG Lighting illuminates the Manhattan Beach Country Club


Iconic Chandleir at the Manhattan Beach Country Club designed and manufactured by ADG Eco. Visit our site at for more info on Commercial projects.

Gerald Olesker ceo at ADG Eco states, “There are only 3 things that effect each project. Timing, Price and Design. Take one of those away and the other 2 are dramatically effected. At ADG Eco Lighting we take all 3 variable into account when working with a client. Add a Bonus of Energy Effieicncy, it is like sneaking the Spinach into a kids meal. From the outside it looks masterful and the inside (the lighting portion) is good for you”  The Manhattan Beach Country Cub is currently in the midst of a multi-million dollar renovation of our catering and event spaces, with completion slated for the fourth quarter of 2012.

 The highlights of the project include:

  • Enlarging the Ballroom to afford a comfortable maximum capacity of 250 guests with sconce lanterns in wall by ADG 
  • Iconic Chandelier at Dining free floating from skylight. Light by ADG
  • The creation of a stunning new Board Room and Private Dining Room, overlooking the adjacent golf course
  • The introduction of a beautiful screening room
  • The installation of a state of the art audio visual system throughout the facility

In addition to these stunning new facilities in the clubhouse, MBCC staff are also proud to offer outdoor events for up to 1,400. In addition, our members can host parties at our beautiful pool complex and children’s playground.

 The light fixtures are well thought out. We worked with a Design Team and Canoe Hospitality the procurement company. The Executive Director of MBCC was closely involved in the interaction as well.


For more details of what we have planned, to schedule a tour of the club, or to request an invitation to our opening party, kindly contact Mimi Fischer at 310 698 1836, or via email at


other cool fixtures and designs by ADG Eco  from other projects and MBCC.

Richard Manion Architecture Light Fixtures with CEO of ADG Eco Lighting

Richard Manion Architecture – Light fixtures designed by Gerald Olesker & manufactured by a company that Mr. Olesker has ownership in. The following are a few projects completed with a Who’s Who of celebrated homeowners in noted communities of Bel Air, Beverly Park and Brentwood Park. These are part of the 3 billion dollars of real estate worldwide that lighting CEO Gerald Olesker has designed and manufactured custom light fixtures for.


Colonial House, Holmby Hills: This classic colonial house in Holmby Hills was modeled after the great 1930s Bel-Air estates by James Dolena and Paul Williams, this American Colonial Revival home reveals the streamlined influences of the Art Deco and Art Moderne periods in Los Angeles.



Terre Lago, Brentwood: Drawing inspiration from the Palm Beach estates of the 1920s and ’30s and Hearst Castle, this residence opens with a formal groin-vaulted foyer. The two-story living room is 25 feet long and 31 feet high and has an elaborate wood ceiling with stenciling that took six months to apply.




Villa Santus, Beverly Park: Meant for entertaining on a grand scale, this estate was based on 16th-century villas in northern Italy. The entry drive sequence—through a tower portal into an enclosed motor court with the house on one side and a hillside vineyard to the north—is reminiscent of arriving at a fortified hilltop town. The raised entry terrace elevates the house above the motorcourt and provides overflow space for parties.

Richard Manion is perhaps the city’s last great traditionalist, but he sounds downright modern when it comes to his advice to homeowners, “Build smaller than you think you will need and with better quality that you think is necessary. You will  appreciate both in the long run.”

Gerald Olesker agrees with Richard’s comments in the December issue of View Coldwell Banker. “This is a statement I have enjoyed philosophically when working with Richard and his former partner Bill Habliski. Even when we manufactured lighting fixtures for Bills home in Lake Austin Texas we took this same approach.”

Quality is important and integral to the architectural process and lasting qualities of the built environment.

Award winning project Great light fixtures too.

Congratulations to our friends at KAA. They are a great client adn you should know that they are always award winning. Below is a project we completed some time ago with them.

Latitude 33, a luxurious collection of beach-side homes ranging from townhouses, penthouses, and single floor units, was partially designed from a forty year-old, nine-storey “eye sore for the neighborhood” that was once an office building. The mixed use development, designed by KAA Design Group, includes residential and commercial spaces in Marina del Rey in Southern . The strategic decisions involved with designing these apartments from an early 197os office building earned Latitude 33 two Gold Nugget Merit Awards, one of which was for Best .


Johannes Van Tilburg, FAIA, Principal Designer, Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh (VTBS): “The property site for Latitude 33 was an obsolete multi-level outdoor shopping center with a mid-rise office building, said Van Tilburg. “We were asked to redesign and reposition this property as a for-sale residential infill project. The original tower was converted from commercial office space to loft condominiums and penthouses. The tower’s look was completely altered by adding new structural frames to the exterior of the building providing an entirely new exterior skin. Abutting the tower site, we also designed townhouse-style lofts and additional parking. Conceived upon the balance of the site was a small-lot single-family development with three-story, two-car garage units fronting the Grand Canal of Venice.

Inspired Homes Beverly Ridge Estate

Beverly Ridge Terrace Home Completed by Architectural Detail Group's Lighting Team


Beverly Ridge Spanish Estate, Lanterns by ADG Lighting


Iron Firescreens by ADG Ironworks in Agoura CA - Designed by Joey Gennaro

Entrance – Beverly Ridge Estate – decorative lanterns, iron lanterns

made by Gerald Olesker and ADG Lighting


Beverly Ridge Estate for Sale, click on photo see MLS listing.

These series of lanterns and firescreen were designed and manufactured by Architectural Detail Group and its team. Joey Gennaro oversaw firescreen production and lighting. ALl fixtures are made in the USA. For more information or links to lighitng go to our page at V&M 
Gerald Olesker has designed lighting for over 3 billion dollars in residential and resort architectural projects. Execution and fabrication of lighting has been exclusively done by his Teams and factories owned or partnered by Mr. Olesker.
Projects included 4 other homes in Beverly Ridge Estates, 22 homes in BEverly Park, Exclusive homes in Manhattan, Marthas Vineyard, Westchester County, Saudi Arabia, Chicago and many other areas.
Additional projects in the Energy efficiency space for Commercial and Municipal projects can be seen by requesting more information at

Inspired Homes

ADG Collaborations Media -click here for Olesker’s press kit, speaking engagements and publications listing

From the Lighting portfolio of Gerald Olesker. Collaboration with Gordon Gibson and Bruce Paez from Gibson Construction for Keyshawn Johnson. Residence featured in Esquire Magazine. the Estate was purchased by Paris Hilton.  Decorative Exterior Light Fixtures, Solid Brass lanterns designed by Gerald Olesker, manufactured lanterns by a factory co-owned by Olesker.   ADG Architectural Detail Group Residential and Resort Testimonials purchase similar fixtures at Vintage and Modern by ADG or custom order per project. We are a Solution Based Manufacturer.

Candy Spelling’s Mansion Sold To Petra Ecclestone

Candy Spelling reportedly sells Holmby Hills estate

The beauty of living in L.A. is not style. It is that any style goes. Presumably some people think that the Spelling Mansion is crazy huge and just over the top. I think that whatever it is deemed it is a part of Holmby History. There are plenty of homes that are better and plenty that are not. I think there are somegreat French Projects in the L.A. country Club Area

I get to recall the day I pulled up to the estate to work for the Spellings. I was swarmed by a heard of Security that would make the FBI and CIA look like a bunch of keystone cops. Really, I was just pulling up to do my job and it was like the Love Boat security team thought I might have rolled into the motor court to quickly. Good thing I drove up in my Audi A6 not my Chevy Tahoe.

So impressively, the gardens are just spectacular. Set to work on the decorative lighting for the arbors, I designed and manufactured under my previous company a really great set of decorative Bronze light fixtures fit for royalty. At Least the producer of Charlie’s Angeles enjoyed our design efforts. Manufactured to perfection.

Now, I think that whether 22 year old Petra is ready for the house or not, she has the opportunity to hang in L.A. lifestyle as a billionaire heiress should. Our clientele has been the greatest advocated for spending money on fantasy and posh homes. To date there have been at least 22 homes in Beverly Park my self and my teams have design and manufactured custom lights for. it is 90210 and others.

Lanterns and chandeliers have graced the homes of 5 other estates on the Holmby Streets. Jimmy Iovine ahs a spectacular White brick estate. Historic Architecture still graces the streets of Bel Air areas.

Wikipeda defines The Manor, also known as Spelling Manor is a mansion located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It was the home of television producer Aaron Spelling. Built in 1988, it is the largest home in Los Angeles County.,_California) The widow of legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling put the 4.7-acre residence up for sale more than two years ago at $150 million. Petra Ecclestone, the daughter of British billionaire and Formula One Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone, is in escrow to buy the property, a report says.

Candy Spelling, the widow of legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling, put… (Mark Terrill / Associated Press)June 14, 2011|By Alejandro Lazo, Los Angeles Times wrote this
Candy Spelling’s sprawling estate in Holmby Hills, which has bragging rights as the most expensive residential listing in the U.S., reportedly has been sold to a 22-year-old British heiress

I thinkt that Huffington Post and lots of other L.A. papers along with the British news are all reporting on this deal. Good for all of them TMZ should have some good stuff on this too.Celebrity estates and Celebrity Architects like Robert Stern and Richard Landry of today design these luxury estates. Firms like ours Manufacture lighting and decorative Iron for these homes. My team at Architectural Detail Group always has the discretion of keeping the clients best interest at hand. I love it when fantasy becomes reality and the builders build their dreams.

Spelling, widow of legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling, put the 4.7-acre residence up for sale more than two years ago at $150 million, and she held firm to that price despite one of the worst real estate downturns in generations.
LOS ANGELES (LALATE) –wrote;  Aaron Spelling Mansion (photos below), inherited by Candy Spelling, has been sold to Petra Ecclestone. The Aaron Spelling Mansion listing price was $150 million. The estate sold for $85 million to Ecclestone, daughter of Formula One head Bernie Ecclestone (net worth $4 billion

The Manor

That’s all crazy, but the craziness doesn’t stop there. This huge house was just sold to 22-year-old Petra Ecclestone for $ 85 million. Now you’re asking how a 22 year old has that much money, right? Well, she’s a Formula One racing heiress, my friends! Her father is the billionaire Bernie Ecclestone (worth more than 4 Billion, according to Forbes), and of course she had to have the most expensive house in America. Petra is getting married soon and will spend most of her time between London and Los Angeles.   

Lights, Camera Action now is Ready Set Go the Checkered Flag is down. Petra Wins.

Gerald Olesker for ADG Lighting and other cool stuff, It’s like living at Hearst Castle