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Richard Manion Architecture Light Fixtures with CEO of ADG Eco Lighting

Dec 11, 2012 | General News, Hearst Castle, Institute of Classical Architecture, Lighting

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Richard Manion Architecture – Light fixtures designed by Gerald Olesker & manufactured by a company that Mr. Olesker has ownership in. The following are a few projects completed with a Who’s Who of celebrated homeowners in noted communities of Bel Air, Beverly Park and Brentwood Park. These are part of the 3 billion dollars of real estate worldwide that lighting CEO Gerald Olesker has designed and manufactured custom light fixtures for.


Colonial House, Holmby Hills: This classic colonial house in Holmby Hills was modeled after the great 1930s Bel-Air estates by James Dolena and Paul Williams, this American Colonial Revival home reveals the streamlined influences of the Art Deco and Art Moderne periods in Los Angeles.



Terre Lago, Brentwood: Drawing inspiration from the Palm Beach estates of the 1920s and ’30s and Hearst Castle, this residence opens with a formal groin-vaulted foyer. The two-story living room is 25 feet long and 31 feet high and has an elaborate wood ceiling with stenciling that took six months to apply.




Villa Santus, Beverly Park: Meant for entertaining on a grand scale, this estate was based on 16th-century villas in northern Italy. The entry drive sequence—through a tower portal into an enclosed motor court with the house on one side and a hillside vineyard to the north—is reminiscent of arriving at a fortified hilltop town. The raised entry terrace elevates the house above the motorcourt and provides overflow space for parties.

Richard Manion is perhaps the city’s last great traditionalist, but he sounds downright modern when it comes to his advice to homeowners, “Build smaller than you think you will need and with better quality that you think is necessary. You will  appreciate both in the long run.”

Gerald Olesker agrees with Richard’s comments in the December issue of View Coldwell Banker. “This is a statement I have enjoyed philosophically when working with Richard and his former partner Bill Habliski. Even when we manufactured lighting fixtures for Bills home in Lake Austin Texas we took this same approach.”

Quality is important and integral to the architectural process and lasting qualities of the built environment.