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Thoughts and Prayers for Texas & the Gulf Coast

With Texas being one of the largest states and Houston being the 4th largest city in the country, there is a high likelihood that you know someone either directly or through another person residing here or affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The stories and images coming out of South Texas are absolutely heart wrenching. There are MANY families and people whose lives are changed forever!

We as a nation, businesses and individuals can do so much to help from small to large.

Living in Austin and working all over Texas, I know a large number of people affected either by flooding or some form of loss caused by this horrific storm. Seeing and being around the devastation first hand really puts A LOT into perspective.

Each and every day we must appreciate the small things and be thankful for the sunshine.

We have volunteered our time and also donated to Red Cross and Austin Pets Alive.

We would like to share a few SAFE, WONDERFUL and LOCAL links to make helping easier for you.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Austin Pets Alive

United Way Houston

Thank YOU ahead of time for your generosity and a BIG Thank YOU to those of you who have already given your time or money.


Warm Regards and Blessings!

Tina, ADG Austin & the rest of the ADG team

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Successful install at Corinna Knight Designs!



by Gerald Olesker, ADG Lighting