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The Best of ADG 2023

Dec 18, 2023 | General News

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As we approach the year’s end and prepare for the holidays, let’s take a quick peek at some exciting topics we’ve covered. Here are some of our favorites, in no particular order.

How to Light Artwork–The Quest for Perfection: This insightful blog reveals that the ideal lighting depends on the specific piece of art. This blog post gently introduces various lighting techniques. Remember, lighting is more than just illumination; it’s an art form. To truly showcase your loved artwork, consider the professional touch of our ADG Lighting specialists.  

Custom Furnishings–Capturing the Essence of Your Existence: Imagine having made-to-order furniture with the craftsmanship and authenticity of the masters back in the day! More importantly, it is in the style that truly represents you. Look no further than master artisan Gerald Olester. Gerald uses eco-friendly materials, and all he creates is sustainable and a true investment on many levels.

Why Use Custom Lighting In Your Commercial Space? Custom lighting in a commercial setting is a necessity, not a luxury. There are many reasons to use custom lighting in a commercial setting, such as safety and functionality, brand identity, and energy efficiency. This blog sets the record straight.

Tiny Homes are Pushing the Boundaries of Interior Design: One of our recent favorite posts is about tiny homes. This one surprised us since a home’s beauty is sometimes related to how spacious the home is. Well, that myth is put to rest. It is an insightful read.

The Spotlight on Architectural Lighting Design: The bottom line regarding architectural lighting is that regardless of the residence, it will beautify, increase its monetary value, and make your home safer. Have you ever seen how beautiful a modest home looks properly lit? All gorgeous homes know the importance of architectural lighting.

We trust you found our year-end summary engaging. And remember Gerald Olesker and ADG Lighting for all your lighting needs, give us a call at 818.597.9494 or email