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Why Use Custom Lighting In Your Commercial Space

Mar 8, 2023 | Architect, Architecture, Commercial Lighting, Custom Lighting, Featured Professional, Featured Projects

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So why should one use custom lighting in their commercial space? Safety is the first reason. Custom lighting is not a luxury but a necessity. Adequate lighting where you need it prevents accidents and sheds light on what’s stored.

If the commercial space is a workshop, the necessity for custom lighting increases since accidents can happen if the artisan can’t see what they’re doing. Having the right lighting design for your space will provide numerous benefits over the long term, and is worth the monetary investment for the safety of your workers and artisans. 

Energy efficiency is another crucial reason for custom lighting in your commercial space. The beauty of custom lighting is that it can be designed to be energy efficient, thus saving business production costs. We mention costs, but we are also talking about our environment. Using energy-efficient custom lighting is how you, as a business owner, can help our environment, take care of your staff and customers, and save money. It’s the perfect trifecta.

There are still some reasons to use custom lighting in your commercial space. Functionality is a combination of aesthetics and safety. Highlighting store areas will make the ambiance more beautiful and show your customers your products. At the same time, highlighting these areas will also make the area safer. 

Brand identity is the final reason for custom lighting in your business or commercial space. Just imagine how you can reinforce your brand by incorporating your brand colors in the custom lighting and highlighting logos and slogans. Something as simple as using custom lighting to highlight your brand’s key points will automatically reinforce it as a touchpoint to the customer. 

Custom lighting brings your brand to life, and when your customer leaves the store, they take the memory of your brand with them. For more information on custom lighting for your business or commercial space, call ADG Lighting at 818.597.9494 or email


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by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG Lighting