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Los Angeles Landmark: Eames Case Study House #8

Jul 10, 2023 | Female Designers, Los Angeles Architecture

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The Eames Case Study House #8 is a phenomenal Los Angeles landmark, not to mention a testament to the genius vision of Charles and Ray Eames. House #8 encapsulates a house of the future that’s relevant to the past and present. Keep in mind that this Los Angeles landmark located right in the heart of Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles was built in 1949.

So, how can this Los Angeles landmark encapsulate the future? Well, just on sustainability alone, this Los Angeles landmark still inspires architects, designers, and visionaries. 

As we continue to navigate the complexities of modern contemporary living, not to mention the global problems we need to address with sustainable living, the lessons learned from House #8 are even more poignant. Perhaps the true legacy of the Eames House Case Study is for current and future generations to continue what the Eameses started.

The Eameses’ goal for the case study house program was to build housing models to serve as prototypes for affordable housing solutions, which addressed the post-World War II housing shortage. Ironically, although far from a world war, our need for affordable housing solutions is at epic proportions.

We feel it’s fair to say that sustainable and affordable housing will always be in high demand, like vegetable gardens and a clean resource that generates water. We must rethink our living spaces and change our relationship with the environment, both natural and built.

House #8 is the Los Angeles landmark that the Eameses decided to make their actual home. Their house is also described as inviting and warm, even though it’s composed of two rectangular steel-framed boxes, one residential and one studio.

Their interior decor contains artifacts from the couple’s travels and simple items such as shells and tumbleweeds, and those who have seen their decor said the house never looked cluttered.  Each item had a purpose and story behind it.

So the story’s moral is that we don’t need more than the beauty of simplicity.

Photo Credit: Eames Office

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Technical advisement and lighting. This is a special home for Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis – great farmhouse style overlooking Beverly Hills.

by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG Lighting