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Let’s face it — we are all seduced by exterior perfection. It could be a house, car, or even a human being. It doesn’t matter if it’s an older home, older car, or human being. Apparently, some humans get better looking with age…or do they?

First, let’s talk about custom lighting design and how it will beautify your home. Back in the day, bedrooms had one lighting fixture in the middle of the ceiling, and when the switch was flipped on, everything looked drab and blah. The lighting fixture in the middle of the ceiling lacked all the basic guidelines of great custom lighting design.

Here are some basic guidelines of great custom lighting design:

  • Buy quality lighting! This means nice track lighting; use appropriate bulbs to enhance the appeal.
  • Distribute the light throughout the space; as they say, spread the wealth. This is such a simple concept, yet the distribution of light throughout the room will make the room pop. You will notice instant beauty — assuming the room is nicely furnished and neat.
  • Personalize or customize what controls the lights. These include remote switches, motion detectors, dimmers, and timers. All of these add to the ambiance of the room because they add options.
  • Use multiple light sources so the space or room can have various uses. Professional lighting companies like ADG Lighting use multiple layers of lighting that have the option of being used separately or together.
  • Focus lighting on what you want to highlight or what is important. This adds drama and impact to a room. A simple example of this is to have a small track light over the sink so you can see inside the kitchen when you walk in. This looks simple but stunning.

These are basic guidelines if you want to plan your own custom lighting design at home. This will beautify an older home or any home on a budget and quickly. It is safe to say custom lighting design will beautify everything. As for humans getting better looking with age, it just may be all about the lighting!

Interested in having a professional create the magic in your home with custom lighting design? Give us a call here at ADG Lighting to learn more about our custom lighting design services at 818.597.9494 or email us at


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by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG Lighting