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Traditional Lighting Picks of the Week

Summer is (un)officially here! We’re excited to be working with some amazing new clients, fabulous existing clients, and inspired projects around the country. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter to get the latest updates on our newest summer projects.

Thinking of redoing your home or space? Whether you’re looking for outdoor patio lighting or accent fixtures for your hallway, consider some of these traditional lighting options: French, Italian, Mediterranean, Persian-influenced, old-school Chicago Architecture, Iron Lanterns, Brass Lights, and handcrafted made-to-order fixtures.

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Traditional Lanterns: Our Picks of the Week

Whether your home is a Colonial, Cape Cod, or Georgian Revival, you can enrich the beauty of your home or space with many of the traditional fixtures we offer. Featuring intricate details and inspired by classical architectural design, many of our traditional lanterns provide the perfect accent to any formal space. Check out our traditional picks of the week:



Product Spotlight: Iron Lion Head Lantern

Our product spotlight this week focuses on one of our traditional pieces that has been getting some major buzz on Pinterest: our Iron Lion Head Lantern. This piece, crafted with a forged iron bracket, is available as a custom piece. Be sure to check out our traditional line of lanterns available on the website. For more information, email us at or call us at (818) 597-9494.


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