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ADG Resort and Resturant Portfolio of Lighting

Overview of Lighting designed and manufactured by Architectural Detail Group and ADG Eco Lighting Products. ADG is a US fixture manufacturer with 3 generations of team work and established projects around the globe. Architectural Detail Group provides oversight, design and planning along with the facilitation of manufactured solutions for each project at it’s Southern California Facility. Items shipped worldwide.

Projects range from conceptual in the preconstruction phase to fast track design and fabrication. When other fabricators can’t the Team ADG can. We are able to produce, it is a matter of Budget, Time and Design with Communication at the Cornerstone.. At Latitude 33 the team at ADG came in on a last minute call and engineered and developed the KAA concept for signature lighitng peices. The giant tumble weed lights at Latitude 33 were completed in under 4 weeks with energy effiecint details. 

“When we recommend a resource to our clients, it is imperative that we are 100% confident that the highest quality of service and workmanship will be provided.  ADG has earned our trust with their comprehensive lighting design services.  They are a pleasure to work with, helping to make beautiful spaces yet more beautiful.” Monique Lafia   Lafia / Arvin, A Design Corporation

Wolfgan Puck; I learned more from the one restaurant that didn’t work than from all the ones that were successes.

‘The family-based roots of the Smith Brothers Restaurants are evident in the comfort and warmth of each establishment, and have made our collection of restaurants a part of the lives and traditions of families in our neighborhood. From lunch in the South Lake District, to dinner in Old Pasadena, our guests see us as a piece of the very fabric of our town, and we invite those unfamiliar with us to visit and see for themselves what so many of their neighbors rave about”. 
The team at ADG Eco is an Award Winning team that collaborates with Architects, Designers, Hoteliers and Restaurateurs. Offices in Newport Beach, Agoura Hills and Myrtle Beach.. 818-597-9494