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Poetry Bell Jar

Inspired by one of our clients is a brand new piece from our 2015 collection, the Poetry Bell Jar. The client had written some poetry that they wanted etched on top of the glass. The font was customized by ADG.

Poetry Bell Jar


The Poetry Bell Jar is just one of several new items from our 2015 collection, available now. If you would like more information on our new line, give us a call at (818) 597-9494 or email us at

Beyond the Looking Glass: Another Dimension in Lighting Design

From its transparency and striking look to its inherent versatility, the use of glass in architectural design seems to be everywhere, and for good reason. Designers have evolved from using glass just as building material; it has become more of a design feature within homes and commercial spaces for the upper echelon client.

A little history: In the 19th century, various types of fancy glass became significant branches of the decorative arts. Glass is used not only for traditional objects such as vessels (bowlsvasesbottles, and other containers), paperweightsmarbles, and beads, but also in sculpture and installation art as well. While glass is sometimes painted, colored or stained glass is also popular.

The term “Murano Glass” defines glass produced on the island of Murano, near Venice, Italy. There are many different manufacturers, both past and present, based on Murano. The history of Murano Glass began in 1291.

Here at ADG, we take pride in the craftsmanship of our glass lights and sconces. Check out some of our work here. Also watch this short video clip for a little insight into the glass blowing process.

The following iron work, bronze light fixtures, glass lights and all details are designed and manufactured by ADG Eco and are sold factory direct. Trade pricing available upon request. For more information, contact the team at Architectural Detail Group at 818-597-9494 or email 

7288-cb15-ir-h-ba pyrex glass and irn light skinned hood modern chandelier a1 ADG Lighting - CR
Calabasas Home light fixtures by ADG Lighting Calabasas Home modern pendant faux onyx light fixtures by ADG Lighting Copper lantern on Stone plinth 3ADG Lighting
Mid Century MIXX lighting options ADG_14
5-4-2011 075 inspired by for ADG Lighting 2630edenplace64
Water jet cut screen section with Pyrex cabochon inset by ADG Lighting
DSC_0366 DSC_0356 DSC_0343 Mid Century MIXX lighting options ADG_02
Glass Lights & Sconces – Ornamentation, Lighting, – Iron & Furniture produced in Southern California by American Artesians shipped all over the world.  Design & Manufacturing by ADG Eco Lighting of Architectural Detail Group, Inc located in Newport Beach & Agoura Hills.

ADG Eco Lighting Explorations in Glass

For a brief moment we all look up at chandeliers in Hotels, dine under some of the most fascinating light fixtures and never stop to think about the craftsmanship and design.

ADG Lighting presentation GLASS is our down load to Inspirational elements in our glass works and mixed media. Architectural Detail Group designs and manufactures light fixtures and other architectural pieces.

historic bound glass inspired fixture by Gerald Olesker of ADG Lighting

This inspired 1920’s revival (pictured above) with Enos and Company is for a relaxed bathing setting while our Pyrex and mixed media sculpture (pictured below) was designed for an exclusive Manhattan Beach restaurant.

modern Chandelier Pyrex glass and italina glass balls resturant lighting hotel fixtures by ADG Lighting

Our designs at ADG start with each client and our TEAM discussing the inspirations.

5-4-2011 075 inspired by for ADG Lighting

Once the designs and details are established – full scale shop drawings and mock ups are created. The elements and details are all reviews, typically in the space with the client.

G mathews Michael Fullen Design Irvine Terrace

Even with ADG’s distinguished list of clients retaining design services prior to fabrication it is always important to understand that every project is driven by time of need, budget and design. These 3  key components effect each project and outcome. And with well over 1,000 projects design and manufactured world-wide for $3 billion dollars of real-estate – each project is significantly and approached with the care by ADG TEAM members.

Mid Century MIXX lighting options ADG_11Mid Century MIXX lighting options ADG_14

Pyrex tube sconces and beaded glass sconces antiqued over show the range of traditional to modern with our crossover designs.

76103-mb1-acst-h-ba-acrylic ring chandelier LED light fixture Contemporary lighting chand 2 - ADG Lighting WM

Pyrex center section and bent marbled acrylic were designed and manufactured by ADG for RDM Construction’s ceo home in Laguna Beach overlooking Emerald Bay.

So, next time you look up at a light and wonder who made it or why it looks so great in the space, remember teams like ADG Eco Lighting’s craftsman made those great light fixtures in the USA.

For more information about ADG or Architectural Detail Group custom projects or private labeling please contact 818-597-9494.