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Contemporary Lighting at the Manhattan Country Club

Creativity is one of our main cornerstones here at ADG Lighting, so it’s always a pleasure to see the results once the project or space is finished. This custom couture contemporary coin chandelier for the Manhattan Country Club in Manhattan Beach, California is a magnificent piece. The custom fixture came complete with LED uprights and a Pyrex glass ball. The fixture is finished in our ADG Lighting Atelier Gold.

Our client at Manhattan Country Club allowed for this design to come alive. It proudly stands at 8′ tall. What a wonderful space too! Lighting consultants KGM did a great job.



We have several other modern style lighting fixtures available. We’re launching our 2015 collection, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates! Email us at to be included in future newsletters.

Poetry Bell Jar

Inspired by one of our clients is a brand new piece from our 2015 collection, the Poetry Bell Jar. The client had written some poetry that they wanted etched on top of the glass. The font was customized by ADG.

Poetry Bell Jar


The Poetry Bell Jar is just one of several new items from our 2015 collection, available now. If you would like more information on our new line, give us a call at (818) 597-9494 or email us at

Curbside to Poolside Lighting

While we’ve been busy working hard on our 2015 lighting collection, we always have the opportunity to customize pieces for our clientele. These decorative lanterns were for a nice mid-century inspired home in Brentwood originally designed by Peter Choate. The current remodel is being completed by Gordon Gibson, whom we have worked with for 20 years.  These lanterns are part of our 21 collection.


We also created several planters, which were placed throughout the exterior of the home from curbside to poolside and overlooking the Riviera Country Club golf course. The 30 planters span the range, from oversized 36” square x 48” boxed planters with liners to dramatically long 5 foot low slung planters with drought tolerant succulents planted by Seasons Landscaping.

The modern lantern placed in a lantern will be part of our new ADG Lighting 21 line. There were also many other fixtures, from triangle lanterns with antiqued mirrors to mesh lights throwing pattern, placed inside and outside of this mid-century home. We also completed a similar look for a home in Florida last month.

ADG can bring your creative vision to life. From curbside to poolside, we provide custom lighting and ironworks to any size home. Like what you see? Email us at or call (818) 597-9494 for more information.

Chandelier Love

With all minds (and stomachs) focused on the Thanksgiving holiday next week, many are putting thought into the festivities of the big day. Yes, turkey may be the star of the dining room, but what about those other co-stars like decor and lighting that help make the show go on?

We turn our attention this week to a special type of lighting fixture that helps make that turkey and all those side dishes shine: the chandelier. This decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture has its beginnings in the palaces and homes of nobility. Using lamps, chandeliers can be as decorative and extravagant as you want them to be!

Check out some of our custom chandeliers:

For more information on our custom chandeliers, call us at (818) 597-9494 or email us at