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Metalmorphosis: A Magnificent North Carolina Landmark

Jan 2, 2024 | General News

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Metalmorphosis, one of the seven wonders of Charlotte, North Carolina, is a fascinating sculpture created by Czech Republic-born artist David Cerny and was designed as a self-portrait. This North Carolina landmark is a massive 25 feet high, made of stainless steel weighing approximately 13 tons and contains 40 pieces of steel staged into seven segments, which rotate into a complete circle, 360 degrees and independently from each other. It is quite an experience to behold!

The most intriguing aspect of this North Carolina landmark is its ability to engage with visitors in an almost lifelike manner. The sculpture aligns at specific points throughout the day, thus revealing a giant human head with a fountain streaming from its mouth as one often has (forgive our attempt at humor). The fountain’s stream from its mouth adds a surreal quality to Metalmorphosis, making it a living piece of art.

Another fascinating fact about this North Carolina landmark is its global connectivity. Metalmorphosis is equipped with a webcam, so people worldwide can view the sculpture online and experience its transformation in real-time. This connectivity to the entire world highlights the mass appeal of Metalmorphosis and its ability to touch people across continents. Check it out here!

As you can imagine, Metalmorphosis is more than just a North Carolina landmark; it’s a conversational piece, a source of inspiration, and a symbol of North Carolina’s artistic and technological advancements. Its ability to morph and change reminds us of life’s ever-changing nature and the endless possibilities of transformation.

This magnificent North Carolina landmark is located at Whitehall Corporate Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its inauguration was in 2007 and makes its home sitting in a large reflecting pool. Whether you are lucky enough to be a North Carolina resident or plan to visit at any point in your life–you must see and experience the Metamorphosis. No doubt you’ll be impressed by this marvel.

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