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How Travel Illuminates the World of Lighting Design

Aug 29, 2023 | Architect, Architecture, Featured Projects, Landscape Lighting, LED Lighting, Lighting

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When you think of travel, what comes to mind? Beautiful exotic locations, exciting cultures, or tantalizing cuisines? Well, for those in the world of lighting design, traveling is a must-do task for limitless inspiration. 

Every region, every city, and every tiny town you’ve ever visited has its unique take on architecture. From the majestic style of European cathedrals with stained glass windows cascading mesmerizing color spectacles to the minimalist Zen-like spaces in Japan where light softly enters across the tatami mats, travel exposes lighting designers to these architectural wonders, sparking ideas about how light and space can unite in various settings.  

Natural light plays a pivotal role in lighting design. Different parts of the world experience natural light differently based on latitude, weather, and time of year. Simply said, you’ll experience a sunset in Santorini differently compared to the crisp dawn light in the mountains of Nepal. These nuances and subtleties in how natural light paints our world are essential lessons for designers. After all, replicating nature’s artistry in artificial spaces is the foundation of lighting design.

Travel exposes lighting designers to new and exciting materials to use for lighting fixtures. These discoveries can be incorporated into new designs, whether unique glass, metal, or materials like bamboo or paper. Let’s not forget that inspiration while traveling in a foreign land is visceral, which means the creation will be awe-inspiring.

How about innovation and technology? Exposure to worldwide technological advancements can also influence how lighting designers think about their work. For example, cutting-edge sustainable technologies seen in the Scandinavian countries might inspire the use of energy-efficient solutions in future projects. 

The bottom line is while traveling, whether visiting a local artisan’s display or walking down a cobblestone street on a festive night is your thing, know that inspiration awaits you – and it’s duty-free. Now, that’s a win-win for lighting design.


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