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Historic Lighting: Illuminating the Past

Jun 6, 2023 | Architect, Architecture, Lighting, Los Angeles

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Historic lighting is a reference to describe lighting fixtures and styles that represent a specific historical period. Whether reproducing a chandelier or sconce, there’s no denying the importance of creating a particular vibe with the right look and design when recreating a piece that existed back in the day.

Gerald Olesker and the team at ADG Lighting are geniuses and have done many impressive historic lighting projects where accuracy is a must. Although the materials used today are more efficient and sustainable than in history, the depiction must be accurate. The team can also manufacture accurate, unique fixtures that could have existed back in the day. Gerald and his crew have the power to bring history back to life. 

ADG Lighting has designed and manufactured for numerous historic lighting projects and have also worked for the estates initially created by the following prominent architects – John DeLario, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gene Verge, Paul Williams, G.W. Smith, Addison Mizner, and Wallace Neff, just to name a few. ADG was also a former licensee for the Hearst Castle Iron Collection. For a complete list, please visit

Projects completed by Gerald Olesker and ADG Lighting:

  • The Salt Lake City Hall: Completed the retrofit and restoration of City Hall with all induction lighting.
  • Revival Of Historic Street Lights in Downtown Washington, Pennsylvania: This project was hailed for its preservation of the historic character of the downtown area and for improving the safety and functionality of the street lighting. Gerald and the ADG crew created the magic.

Projects ADG is currently working on:

  • Hollywood Palladium – This historic building was originally designed by Gordon Kaufmann.
  • LA Music Center – The project is under wraps but will be pretty exquisite when completed!
  • Historic Hollywood Regency Estate – A remodel in Beverly Hills in collaboration with Timothy Bryant, Michael Smith, and Fort Hill Construction.


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Amazing project from Insert Design, Forest Studio, and Corbin Reeves Construction. Thrilled to be a part of the custom chandelier making…



by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG Lighting