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The Importance of the Restaurant Lighting Company

May 25, 2022 | Architect, Architecture, Featured Professional, Featured Projects, Hospitality, Lighting, Restaurant Lighting

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Whether you’re going out to meet a few close friends to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary at your favorite restaurant or have a romantic evening on the menu, did you once think about the restaurant lighting company that designed that beautiful lighting?  

We bet that the restaurant lighting company that gave the restaurant the atmosphere that made you and your guests look stunning was ADG Lighting.

ADG Lighting has custom-designed and manufactured hospitality lighting at many of the luxurious restaurants and hotels you have frequented. Just a few examples include the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and Spago’s Beverly Hills – ADG Lighting has worked in cities across the United States and globally. 

So much goes into lighting that these high-end establishments only hire the best restaurant lighting company, and ADG Lighting is the best. Founder and CEO Gerald Olesker brings an architectural background to his work. Gerald’s knowledge makes ADG a standout in the industry. Each restaurant has its vibe that they want to convey, and its lighting will make this come to life. 

The restaurant lighting company, or in this case, ADG Lighting, also does other forms of hospitality lighting for schools, hospitals, and government entities such as the United States Air Force, the Department of the Navy, and NCH Hospitals in Chicago.

We’re only mentioning the tip of the iceberg. In layman’s terms, restaurant lighting creates the mood of the establishment. The lighting must be both aesthetics and function. That means that the functional lighting will seem like part of the decor but only if artistically done. 

The intensity and direction of the lighting must be considered in the mix. When there’s too much light (i.e., intensity or power), this will void all beauty and functionality. Ever had a bright light pointed at your face? The direction in which the light is coming from is critical in creating the mood. After all, the restaurant patrons want to look stunning and not be a walking mugshot. We say never skimp on the lighting and always choose a reputable restaurant lighting company for all your lighting needs. 


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From the Factory Floor

Stone with 3D print acanthus leaves gilded and ready for an amazing look!


by Gerald Olesker, CEO, ADG Lighting