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Celebrating Furniture Designer Arne Jacobsen

May 4, 2022 | Architect, Architecture, Featured Professional, Featured Projects, Furniture

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Danish architect and furniture designer Arne Jacobsen contributed significantly to the Functionalist movement. His designs were known for their simplicity and perfection in their functionality. 

Born Arne Emil Jacobsen on February 11, 1902, Jacobsen found inspiration while traveling to all parts of the world. While a sailor, Arne Jacobsen made a cruise to New York and later became a bricklayer in Germany. However, his inspiration to paint watercolors came from his love of Italy. As a child, he wanted to be a painter. His father thought an architect would be a better choice, and as we all know, architects make great furniture designers.

Jacobsen has designed more than 100 buildings and residential dwellings in Denmark and abroad as an architect. As an iconic furniture designer, he saw everything as an art expression, including the chair. He designed the Egg™ Chair, the Drop™ Chair, and the Swan™ Chair. Most famous for the Egg™ Chair, he found the perfect shape for this lounge chair by playing around with wire and plaster in his garage. This creation inspired many furniture designers. 

Initially designed for the SAS Royal Copenhagen Hotel in Denmark in 1958, the versatility of the Egg™ Chair made it even more popular. Anyone could move the chair anywhere, both indoors and outdoors; the chair was easy to clean and relatively low maintenance. 

From its creation in 1958 to its many replicas based on the original design, the Egg™ Chair is also known for its comfort in how it wraps the body into a little cocoon. 

This noted architect and furniture designer died on March 24, 1971. He left us quite a legacy. Thank you, Mr. Jacobsen.

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