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Beverly Park and Gerald Olesker Designed Light Fixtures

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34 Beverly Park is an elegant estate – owned by a former Russian businessman and wife that I designed and fabricated the exterior lanterns. We designed the interior lighting, and made several other impressive pieces.

How much would you pay to live in a community with a $2,000+ a month HOA fee? This is one of the 22 homes we designed and made lights for.

zingerman 2 Estate Lanterns by Gerald Olesker of ADG Lighting

With the true Italian mind and pen, these lanterns were designed and fabricated by CEO Gerald Olesker.

zingerman 6 Estate Lanterns by Gerald Olesker of ADG Lighting

Each gesture in design is simple, if thought out. Proportion and detail to the architecture is what Gerald Olesker follows. The design process takes into consideration style and detail, but also how the custom lanterns will affect the facade.

zingerman 1 Estate Lanterns by Gerald Olesker of ADG Lighting

Sometimes ADG team members will remove light fixtures if there is a need for better balance. We want architects and designers to know that less is more, and to achieve a high quality aesthetic we treat a project with respect to the architecture. We also want to educate designers and architects that lighting is a key element.

zingerman 3 Estate Lanterns by Gerald Olesker of ADG Lighting

The ability to reflect the architecture and its elements can be established when a balance is created. Now the team at ADG Lighting will step aside when the designer wants the lead, but supports the process to establish a credible and beneficial balance to the project.

zingerman 5 Estate Lanterns by Gerald Olesker of ADG Lighting

What makes a project’s value high? We all think that high price tags mean quality. But that is not true. There are many projects around the globe that attempt to get big dollars and do. But that does not mean they are the best. We are able to track the $3 billion+ of real estate that our CEO Gerald Olesker has worked on.

This month there is well over $100 million in projects for sale. This commands a great applaud for the types of projects around the globe that Gerald Olesker and his team at ADG works on. We design and fabricate custom lanterns, custom chandeliers and beautiful sculpture with a reasonable smile and nod to architecture.