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Top 5 Reasons for Homeowners to engage with a qualified lighting/design manufacturer

Dec 31, 2007 | General News

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If you are like most homeowners, then you want your home to reflect your personality but probably need the assistance of a professional to help you lay out decorative lighting. You want every detail to stand out, yet compliment each other. If you’re this homeowner, then look at our Top 5 reasons to engage with a qualified lighting/ design manufacturer who specialize in quality lighting. These are the thoughts of the Team at

1. With a professional lighting and design manufacturer, review the qualifications of your team so that you interact with a team of educated professionals whose experiences reflect multiple successful projects.

2. You are seeking a team that provides quality, personalized time, product versatility and price guidance.

3. Hiring a team like ADG as your lighting specialist, you are involved with a company whose key members have designed/ manufactured over 800 residential, resort and high profile projects.

4. References are always important and you should know that the top architects and designers have engaged and collaborated with the prospective lighting design and manufacturer.

5. A variety of 150-plus publications have depicted our various lighting and decorative iron projects and can be found at

ADG, Architectural Detail Group, has been a significant participant in the completing of many home design projects. You can call us to guide you in the design process or simply log onto our web shop at to purchase beautiful sconces, chandeliers, lanterns or other decorative lighting needs. You can also log onto the website to select any light fixture and, for a small fee, have a full-size photo sent to your construction project.