Client List

ADG Lighting and TEAM projects are Manufactured in Southern California and shipped World Wide in over six countries. ETL listing US and Canada. Energy efficient Lighting products ISO, IP and EPA, decorative projects and custom work budget, time and design driven.

Over $3 billion in Real-estate has fixtures and elements designed and manufactured by our TEAM at Architectural Detail Group, Inc & ADG Eco Lighting. Decorative, Induction Lights, LED, LEED projects satisfied, Over 1,000 projects have been designed and manufactured with ADG Lighting TEAM efforts – Hotels, Resorts, Commercial, Civic and Residential Projects completed.
Projects published in LUXE, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Town and Country, Lookin’ Green Magazine, Green Leaders and over 200 publications.

ADG Eco is an Energy Efficient US Manufacturer registered with Santee Cooper, Rocky Mountain Power, TVA, San Diego Gas and Electric, Nexant, DWP, SCE and other Utility Companies.
Architectural Detail Group Inc’s ADG Lighting restores, revitalized and reproduces lighting for historic projects including the Pershing Square Building Downtown Los Angeles, the Salt Lake City Hall, Historic Washington Pennsylvania, Buster Keaton Villa, Hearst Castle Licensee of 2011, and Military base Installations.

Sales nationwide, including; Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, California, New York, North Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, Alabama, Alaska, Washington, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Tennessee and all 50 states.

ADG Hot Sheet Partial List of Clients

– Designer under Gerald Olesker other companies
– Sustainable consulting
– Sustainable energy efficient lighting
– Other sustainable fabricated items
– Lighting

Athletes & Owners Projects Illuminated – Partial List By Gerald Olesker & or the ADG Lighting TEAM

Shawn Green – Baseball Player, 2 homes
John Lackey – Baseball Player –
James Abbott – Baseball Player –
Eric Karros – Baseball Player –
Wayne Gretzky – Hockey Player –
Tracy Rogers – Football Player & Entrepreneur
Herb Simons – Owner, Indiana Pacers & Entrepreneur –
Penske, Mollis Estate– Racing -μ
Sugar Ray Leonard – Boxer –
Hulk Hogan, 2 homes – Wrestler –
Keyshawn Johnson – Football Player & Entrepreneur, 2 homes –
Andy Meyers – Football Player & Entrepreneur
Gary Mathews – Baseball Player
Gabriel Brenner – Houston Dynamo Owner & Entrepreneur
Marla Messing – US Women’s Soccer Player
John Moores – Owner, San Diego Padres-
Robert Daly – Chairman, Dodgers-
Peter Guber – Owner, Dodgers –
LeBron James – Basketball Player
Kobe & Vanessa Bryant – Basketball Player
John de Neufville – Snowboarder
Mark Cuban – Owner, Dallas Mavericks Office @HiFi

Entertainment Projects Illuminated – Partial List By Gerald Olesker & or the ADG Lighting TEAM

Haim Saban –
Jamie Gertz Ressler –
Denzel Washington –
Paul Reiser –
Todd Phillips –
Darren Star –
Andy Ackerman –
Suzy Mamann Greenberg –
Ozzy & Sharon Osborne –
Vanna White –
Ken Lombard –
Pat Harvey –
John Fogerty –
Marcie Carsey –
Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber –
George Clooney –
Steven Spielberg –
Brian Wilson –
Kenny Edmunds –
Dustin Hoffman –
Ashley Paige –
Jimmy Iovine –
Richard Zanuck 
Whitney Cummings
John Legend
Aaron Paul
Kim Kardashian
Dr. Dre
Christine Bullock
Molly Sims
Kyle Richards
Faye Resnick

Royalty Projects Illuminated – Partial List By Gerald Olesker & or the ADG Lighting TEAM

His Royal Majesty Nana Kordie –
Prince Bon Bon –
Palace (undisclosed) Saudi Arabia –

Publishing & Studio Projects Illuminated – Partial List By Gerald Olesker & or the ADG Lighting TEAM

Norm Zadeh –
Dick Cook –
Michel Eisner –
Anne Sweeney –
Michael O. Johnson –
Frank Residence –
Paramount Studios, –
Sony Studios –
Pepsi Arena –
Steven Tisch –
Frank Wells Estate

Entrepreneur Projects Illuminated – Partial List By Gerald Olesker & or the ADG Lighting TEAM

Larry & Joan Flax, CPK –
O’neil Residence, O’neil Trucking –
Oberton Residence, Cheesecake Factory –
Jerry Kohl, Brighton –
Alexander Cappello Cappello Capital –
Liz Herne, Michael’s –
Joe Boskovitch, Boskovitch Farms –
Gary Leff, Mid Valley Properties –
Frank Rudy, Inventor Nike Air –
Michael Greenberg, Owner Sketchers –
Wendy Greenberg, of Sketchers –
Scott Perren – Business Management
Dave Perren, Business Management –
Maurice Marciano, Guess Inc.-
Armand Marciano, Guess Inc.-
Dwight Stuart, Carnation Company –
Bruce Stuart, Carnation Company –
Bill Habliski, Architect –
Ken Rohl, Rohl Faucets –
Ed Hogan, Pleasant Hawaiian
Louise Taper, Taper Family
Walter Iberti, Walker/Zanger –
Oprah Winfrey, Entrepreneur –
Ron Tutor, Tutor Saliba –
Bill Guthy, Guthy-Renker –
Deborah Jarol, Entrepreneur –
Jeff Greiner, Advanced Bionics –
Howard Lutnik, Cantor Fitzgerald –
Tom Meade, Ferrari –
Jeff Edelstein, SOS Survival Products –
Debbie Zeiden, Z Galleries –
Jeff Kleid, former President CMM Entertainment –
Joe Zeiden, Z Galleries –
Tim Carr, Real Estate, Multiple Homes –
Neil Perkins, Safari Land, Entrepreneur –
(Montecito Private Estate)
Andy Meyers for Shangri LA, Entrepreneur –
Orly Hod, Matchmaker –
Archie Dunham, Conocco Phillips –
Hal Barza, Attorney –
Ty Warner, Beanie Babies –
Nussbaum Residence, CEO/ CFO –
John Delibose, Boyd Gaming –
Henry Samueli, Entrepreneur/ Philanthropist –
Henry Nicholas, Entrepreneur –
Alec Gores, Entrepreneur –
Nahum Lainer, Lainer Properties –
Richard Landry, Architect, personal, 2 homes –
Gordon Gibson, Contractor, personal home –
Mike Reeves, Contractor personal, 2 homes –
John Finton, Contractor personal home –
Gregg Golenberg, Contractor personal home –
Robert C. O’Brien, National Security Advisor of the United States
Stephen Berman, Jakks

Hotel & Restaurant Projects Illuminated– Partial List By Gerald Olesker & or the ADG Lighting TEAM

Ambrose –
Aladin –
Boom Towne –
Sam’s Towne –
Disney Imagineering, multiple projects –
Smith Brothers –
Arroyo Chop House –
Parkway Grill –
Library Pub – L.A. –
Lupos, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas Puck –
Bellaggio – the buffet at Bellaggio –
Smokey Bones Restaurants –
Embassy Suites, Lake Tahoe, CA –
Bob/ Georgia Leonard, Hotelier –
Pat Nesbitt, Embassy Suites –
Manhattan Beach Country Club –
MGM Grand Pool Area, Las Vegas –
Spago’s, Beverly Hills –
Hangar 32 –
Hogan Family Foundation –
SLS Hotel Florida –
Bitter Sweet Ranch, Colorado –
The Infirmary, New Orleans –
Hillcrest Country Club –
Shades of Green –
Parc Restaurant –

Other Eco Lighting Projects – Partial List By Gerald Olesker & or the ADG Lighting TEAM

My Gym –
Colleges NC –
Cal State Dominguez Hills –
NCH Hospitals – Chicago –
Annie Sez Stores – New York –
Akron Summit Library – Ohio –
Central Piedmont College –
Oak Park Unified Schools –
Grand Strand Power –
Lang Ranch Elementary-

Cities/Counties/Communities – Some Eco Lighting Projects By Gerald Olesker & or the ADG Lighting TEAM

Beverly Park –
Crystal Cove Sales Office –
Washington Pennsylvania –
Salt Lake City Hall –
Department of the NAVY –
City of Corona –
Mecklenburg County –
Towne Square, Las Vegas –
Brentwood Country Estates –
Bridge Haven –
Anchorage Alaska –

Architects/Contractors/Designers – Partial List By Gerald Olesker & or the ADG Lighting TEAM

Appleton Architects
Corbin Reeves Construction
Erik Evans
Hablinksi Architects
Homer Oatman
Inner Gardens
William Hefner Studios
Landry Design
M. Elle Designs
Manion Architects
Michael Berman LTD
McCoy Construction[/column]
[column md=”6″]Corbin Reeves Construction
Bob White
Michael CF Chan Architects
Monique Lafia
RCH Studios– Rios
RDM Construction
Robert Stern Architects
Gwathmey Siegel Architects
Trip Haenisch
Mark Sikes
Michael Smith
Jake Arnold
Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Toni Chi
Dugally Oberfeld

Partial Project States, Countries and Cities – Partial List By Gerald Olesker & or the ADG Lighting TEAM

Anchorage Alaska – multiple military bases illuminated
Bahrain – restaurant, resort architectural ornamentation designed
Bay Shores – multiple homes illuminated
Bay Shores – 10 homes illuminated
Bel Air – multiple homes illuminated and architectural ornamentation
Beverly Hills, CA– multiple homes illuminated
Beverly Park – 22 homes illuminated & architectural ornamentation
Beverly Ridge Estates – 5 homes illuminated & architectural ornamentation
Brentwood Country Estates – 5 homes illuminated and ironwork
Canada – projects illuminated
Charlotte, North Carolina– projects illuminated
Clear Water Florida – projects illuminated
Colorado – architectural ornamentation
Crystal Cove – 5 homes illuminated
Edgewater, New Jersey – commercial project illuminated
Georgia – trials illuminated
Glendale historic district– commercial project illuminated & architectural ornamentation
Hillsborough– multiple homes illuminated
Holmby Hills, CA – 10 homes illuminated
Korea – resort illuminated
Laguna Beach – multiple homes illuminated
Lake Sherwood – 8 homes illuminated
Lake Arrowhead – homes illuminated
Lake Tahoe – hotel illuminated
Las Vegas – multiple resorts, casinos and restaurants illuminated
Malibu – multiple homes illuminated
Manhattan Beach, CA – commercial & multiple homes illuminated
Manhattan Historic District, NY – multiple homes illuminated
Martha’s Vineyard – homes illuminated
Montecito, California – multiple homes illuminated
Mulholland Estates – 19 homes illuminated
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – commercial project illuminated
New York City – homes illuminated
Newport Beach, CA – multiple homes illuminated
Newport Coast – 60 homes illuminated
Ohio – resort illuminated
Palm Springs – multiple homes illuminated
Pelican Crest – multiple homes illuminated
Pelican Hill – multiple homes illuminated
Pelican Point – multiple homes illuminated
Rancho Sante Fe – Multiple Homes illuminated & architectural ornamentation
Salt Lake City – Downtown illuminated
San Antonio, Texas – commercial properties
San Diego – multiple homes illuminated
Saudi Arbia – palace illuminated
Shady Canyon – multiple homes illuminated
South Beach Florida – resorts illuminated
Southern California properties – multiple homes illuminated
The Oaks, Calabasas – multiple homes illuminated & architectural ornamentation
TPC – Tournament Players Club – multiple homes illuminated & architectural ornamentation
Washington, Pennsylvania – Downtown illuminated
Westchester County – multiple homes illuminated
Winnetka, Illinois – homes illuminated

Trade Ally – partial Listing By Gerald Olesker & or the ADG Lighting TEAM

New Providence Designs – Key trade partner
USC, Green Vendor
Santee Cooper – Utility
DWP – Utility
SCE – Utility
SDG&E – Utility
Entrepreneurs Organization
Cambridge Who’s Who
ETL listed under New Providence Designs
USGBC Past Member
Energy Star Challenge
His Royal Majesty Nana Kordie of the Ntheras of Ashante, Ghana Africa
Nexant Energy
Rocky Mountain Power

This is a partial List of the over 1,000 homes, hotels, resorts and commercial properties that Gerald Olesker and the ADG TEAM have designed and manufactured lighting for and other architectural details.