ADG Lighting: Company Overview

Transcript of this video:

Hi, I am Gerald Olesker the CEO of ADG Lighting. I’m the principal designer. We have an incredible team of craftspeople and trades that design and manufacture our fixtures for you. So, I got into lighting and lighting fixture design just by accident. I started going around job sites to meet architects and designers to be able to learn how to hone my profession and become a better architect. Well, I fell in love with lighting. One of the the best things about being able to work with all these architects and designers is being able to touch every one of these projects. From curbside to poolside. And our approach at Architectural Detail Group, ADG Lighting, is to really focus and function on the detail specific. Functional detail is really an important part of architecture. Whether it’s an old stone villa (like this) that was designed by Homer Oatman. Or it was a modern piece of architecture. The trades that we get to deal with like the contractor here, Corbin Reeves Construction, I’ve worked with Mike for 20 years, is really wonderful. The stone mason, Matt, we were able to really work on the details together and focus on how the light fixture married the architecture. Those are so so important to the overall aesthetics. So I’ve been very fortunate to deal with over 3000 of these relationships personally, I’ve designed for 1000 projects plus worldwide. We’ve had our works published — from Architectural Digest, 20/Twenty, to Worth Magazine, Elle Decor, and lots of others in between. But today, it’s about the credit that is due to the trades and the professionals that can make the woodwork, the stone, the metalwork, the ironwork, the light fixtures, and everyone collaborating together. I started out as an architect well over 20 years ago and I learned from one of the greatest guys out there, Sid Galper. Sid was a consummate professional — he taught me that when a tree falls, just pick it up, replace it, and then take care of your client. It’s so important in the world of architecture and in the trades to make your client happy. That’s the only thing that separates us at ADG Lighting from the others out there today.