Historic Portfolio

ADG has been fortunate to have participated on several historic and restorative projects over the years. We are experienced in restoration, and are able to manufacture custom historic lighting fixtures. Our experienced tradesmen have over 30 years experience in preserving and restoring historic lighting fixtures. From period home renovation to custom design from scratch, we bring our knowledge and expertise in architectural design to bring projects to life. Our historic lighting services have been procured by many top architects and interior designers across the country.

ADG Lighting & Gerald Olesker have designed and manufactured for numerous historic projects that included custom lighting, lighting reproductions and interpretations of decorative lighting. McKim Meade And White, Luis Kahn, Frank Lloyd Wright, Meiss Van der Rohe are some of our favorite masters in architecture.

We have collaborated, designed and manufactured for estates by John DeLario, Frank Lloyd Wright, Gene Verge, Lloyd Wright, Paul Williams, G.W. Smith, Addison Mizner, Curlet & Beelman, Judah Touro, Wallace Neff, Gordon Kaufmann, Bertram Goodhue, Julia Morgan, among others.

ADG is a former licensee for the Hearst Castle Iron Collection.