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Adding a Traditional Touch To The Outdoors

Planning an Outdoor Renovation

Spring is upon us and baseball season is in full swing! With the weather creating a more comfortable and relaxing environment for entertainment and relaxation, some find their outdoor living spaces are in need of a facelift. In a recent survey from Houzz, nearly a thousand of those surveyed are planning or have completed renovations to their outdoor living spaces. Of those thousand, over 57% plan to upgrade their outdoor lighting.

Making the Change

When considering a change to the lighting in your outdoor living spaces, more and more homeowners are reaching out to lighting professionals for support. A professional lighting designer is able to provide both the creative and technical expertise required to bring your project to life. Great lighting can bring zen-like qualities to any setting. You can rediscover the perimeter of your property, make it fun to entertain and highlight points of interest. Perhaps you want to set a soft, romantic mood during the evening hours. Maybe you have a bench or a shadowy garden corner you need to illuminate for security reasons. A path leading through the garden may require landscape lighting to mark its boundaries.  A professional lighting designer can bring your creative ideas to life through their creative design abilities.

For Your Consideration

When you are choosing a lighting professional for your outdoor renovation, ADG Lighting is the right partner to bring your project to life. With over 20 years experience, our creativity and quality manufacturing have brought countless outdoor projects to life. We are excited about the creative design opportunities presented in spring projects. Our design creativity and quality of manufacturing makes ADG Lighting the perfect choice for your spring projects. Learn more about our inspired creations at or contact us at 818-597-9494.

We would like to share four samples of our work that would be ideal for any outdoor project:



Dining Chairs And Pendant For Lafia Arvin By ADG Lighting Copy

Traditional Lighting Picks of the Week

Summer is (un)officially here! We’re excited to be working with some amazing new clients, fabulous existing clients, and inspired projects around the country. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter to get the latest updates on our newest summer projects.

Thinking of redoing your home or space? Whether you’re looking for outdoor patio lighting or accent fixtures for your hallway, consider some of these traditional lighting options: French, Italian, Mediterranean, Persian-influenced, old-school Chicago Architecture, Iron Lanterns, Brass Lights, and handcrafted made-to-order fixtures.

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The Fundamentals of Lighting

Do you understand how different types of lighting can work together in your home? Ideally, you want to use a variety of lighting types to achieve a dazzling yet functional aesthetic. Here’s a quick rundown of the three basic types of lighting:

Ambient: Providing an area with overall illumination, this hidden source of lighting fills a room and produces a glow. Ideally it should blend into the surroundings. Ambient lighting can be achieved with chandeliers or wall-mounted fixtures.

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Task: Pretty straightforward, this lighting provides light for a function such as reading or cooking. Task lighting can be provided through pendant, recessed or track lighting – or even a simple table lamp! The right kind of task lighting should prevent eye strain and be free of any glare.

Country Kitchen Lighting Inspiration Mark Weaver ADG Lighting Copy


Accent: The lighting helps draw the eye to specific fixtures or elements such as paintings or sculptures. It can also be used outdoors to highlight landscaping or unique architecture. Accent lighting can be provided by fixtures such as wall sconces or track lighting.

La Mesa 6 Copy

Knowing when to use each type in your home or space can really make the difference in the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Need some assistance? Give us a call at (818) 597-9494 or shoot us an email at for a consultation.

Celebrate the Arrival of Fall

Fall has arrived, and although we’re still experiencing triple digit heat here in Los Angeles, we know the rest of the country gets to experience the true, authentic feeling of autumn and all the sights and sounds that it brings.

Needless to say, we’re quite happy to assist our clients with their decor and lighting needs.

Planning for an outdoor gathering that needs just the right amount of lighting to go with the fall foliage? Need the right accent lighting for that new piece of artwork? Here are a few samples from our portfolio to get those creative juices flowing:

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