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Think About Your Kitchen in 2016

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The design, function and use of modern kitchens is always evolving. We love our kitchens! They are a creative place where we create and where we congregate. Our friends and family gather in them to share and celebrate life. It is estimated that we spend an average of 3 hours a day in the kitchen. It is an integral part of the overall living space of our homes and worthy of our attention to create a comfortable creative space.

For 2016, one of the major trends in kitchen design is the change in lighting. Our kitchens in 2016 will reflect designs that are a flashback to the 80’s, with integrated living space designs that have a soft-nutted color palette and texture-on-texture contrast. The lighting changes will be based in well-lit cabinetry. No longer will we depend on ceiling lighting or well placed lamps to provide the proper lighting effect. We will see the use of low-voltage lighting strips as accent pieces through the cabinetry. The use of LED lighting will be the norm. The trend will offer the ability to offer better mood setting designs, in combination with recessed can lights. Families will live life more in their kitchens during 2016. Open up the space and let the design enhance the quality of life.

Lighting plays a key role in design of a space. As you look at remodel and renovation projects in your kitchen in 2016, partner with the right expert to bring creativity and function to your project through lighting. ADG Lighting is the right choice for your project and would be honored to partner with you today! Go to to schedule a design meeting.

The Stars Shine Bright in the Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills may have its share of shining film and television stars, but there is one home that might be shining just a little brighter thanks to the creativity and craftsmanship of ADG Lighting. Check out the custom piece we created for a home in the Outpost Estates neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills.

Hollywood Style By ADG Lighting Copy

We created these vintage style pieces for the foyer, kitchen, and bathroom areas. We had a blast designing and manufacturing the polished aluminum mini star, as well as creating the custom vent hood in the kitchen. Thanks to Brooke Gardner and Tom Newman of Newman & Wolen Design. If you are interested in a custom designed lighting project, contact us at (818) 597-9494 or email us at