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Hollyhock House and the Genius of Frank Lloyd Wright

The Hollyhock House was just named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. UNESCO stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The mission of UNESCO is to build peace and harmony through the contribution of important information among nations of the world through scientific knowledge, communication and education to further multicultural respect and universal collaboration.

It is the epitome of creative genius — the Hollyhock House was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Originally commissioned by oil heiress Aline Barnsdall in 1919, it was named after her favorite flower, the Hollyhock.

Nestled in the hills of East Hollywood, the Hollyhock was planned as a performing arts complex and and to also serve as a home for the heiress and her children.

Part of the creative genius of Frank Lloyd Wright was his spontaneity, and he encouraged that in others. He even coined the phrase, “Freedom to make one’s own form.” Although the Hollyhock House was built to its entirety in 1921, it was never quite finished.

The house took years of restoration, which included extensive research on the detailed history and exact craftsmanship so that it would be brought back to its original glory in which it was intended. Now the Hollyhock House stands with massive structural improvements to its foundation, but the design and other important details have been kept to its original integrity.

The Hollyhock House was Frank Lloyd Wright’s contribution to California Modernism. Wright had a reputation for never having the most practical choice. In staying with the integrity of the original design, a more convenient, less fragile approach could not be taken, because that would change the entire architectural feeling of that space, which would have invalidated the purpose of their intent, which was to stay 100% true to that period and design.

So through the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Frank Lloyd Wright’s genius lives on and continues to inspire. Check out Gerald’s sketch of the Hollyhock House below from his Mused book, and read more about ADG Lighting’s connection to Frank Lloyd Wright!

Hollyhock ADG Lighting

Hollyhock ADG Lighting

Hollyhock House: A Step Back in Time

Los Angeles is a premier destination for architecture. In any row of buildings or homes, it is a rarity to see two designed exactly alike. This unusual variety in design can be attributed perhaps to the climate, beautiful people, surreal blue skies and a laissez-faire attitude. This environment has always attracted everything from brilliant eccentrics and dreamers, to some of the best designers and architects in the world. As a result, Los Angeles is a must see city for those inspired by creative design and architecture.

Architecture At Its Best

One of the finest examples of architecture in Los Angeles is the Hollyhock House, in the heart of Barnsdall Park, built between 1919 and 1921. It represents a style of architecture known as “California Romanza.” This style name comes from the musical term meaning “freedom to make ones’s own form” and demonstrates Los Angeles’ significance as a trendsetter in the arts and architecture. The Hollyhock House represented the first house Frank Lloyd Wright designed in the Los Angeles community. The house was added to the national Register of Historic Places in 1971, then designated a National Historic Landmark in 2007. In February 2015, Hollyhock House was opened to the public after a multimillion dollar restoration project. Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti once stated that “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House is a crown jewel of Los Angeles architecture.”

Environment of Excellence

At ADG Lighting, we are proud to be part of community of design and architectural excellence. We were privileged to have worked on the Mat House in Reseda, California, designed by Frank’s son Lloyd Wright and known for its distinctive angular, thatch-like roof. The house was granted historic landmark status in 1996.

The Hollyhock House stands as a renowned and iconic tribute to the architectural creativity and excellence of Frank Lloyd Wright. Our creativity and design efforts are consistently inspired and challenged by the architectural representations in our community. Check out Gerald’s napkin sketch of the Hollyhock House.

Barnsdall Art Park

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