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dering hall chimney fireplace

Dering Hall Feature: Chic Fireplace Elements & Accessories

‘Tis the season for days spent by the fire, so we’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite fireplace elements, including mantels, andirons, screens and more. Find a favorite accessory or even a stunning antique chimneypiece and make sure you’re well styled for the chilly months ahead.

Have you seen our feature this week in Dering Hall? Their inspirational piece on “Chic Fireplace Elements & Accessories” features our fixture below:

Madrid Fire Screen

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~by ADG Lighting

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A Man That Changed Perceptions of Los Angeles

“Now I know subjective opinions can vary, but personally I reckon LA as the noisiest, the smelliest, the most uncomfortable and most uncivilized major city in the United States. In short, a stinking sewer …”

Journalist Adam Raphael for The Guardian in 1968

There you go Angelenos! That was the world opinion of our great city during the time. Architectural experts and intellectuals energetically maintained this rough outlook of the City of Angels. Then, along came a British architectural expert, well respected in his profession. A man with a shaggy beard and bad teeth, who proclaimed and professed his love for Los Angeles and its architecture. His book, Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies became one of the most energetically pro-Los Angeles books ever written. Reyner Banham put his love for Los Angeles into words and rocked the architectural world! His book continually lands on lists of great books about modern cities, even amongst critics whose opinion continues to oppose Banham.

Reyner Banham was an English architectural critic and prolific writer best known for his theoretical treatise Theory and Design in the First Machine Age (1960) and for his 1971 book Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies. In the latter, he categorized the Los Angeles experience into four ecological models (Surfurbia, Foothills, The Plains of Id, and Autopia) and explored the distinct architectural cultures of each ecology. Banham worked in London, but lived primarily in the United States from the late 1960s until the end of his life. Banham also had a stint teaching at USC, during which time he lived in Pasadena in the renowned Gamble House. His perceptions and writing redefined the way the architectural experts, and the world, perceived our great city.

“Los Angeles offers radical alternatives to almost every urban concept in unquestioned currency.”
Reyner Banham

Banham believed the most unique value of Los Angeles is that it offers radical alternatives to almost every urban concept.

ADG Lighting is passionate about architecture and specifically, the architecture of Los Angeles. Our inspirational designs and creative fit perfectly for all the possibilities Los Angeles offers. Check out our lookbooks and see how our creativity and quality will inspire you!

Lighting Pendants and Sconces Kourtney Kardashian

ADG Lighting Adds The Magic Touch To Kardashian Style

Architectural Digest Celebrity Homes Kardashian

We are always thrilled to have an opportunity to work on projects in celebrity and high-end luxury homes across Southern California. These projects allow us the distinct opportunity to work with some of the most creative and innovative designers in the industry. Often, these projects are featured in publications and highlighted in editorials, increasing the value and notariety of the property. Our work is still the “secret sauce” of the industry and we bring a key design and creative element to the style of these properties. In the March 2016 issue of Architectural Digest, our work was highlighted in the home of Kourtney Kardashian. The feature showed off the elegance and sophistication of the space. The lighting elements that appear in the feature were initially commissioned by the previous owner, but retained in the remodel by designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. We were honored that Kourtney and Martyn understood the impact and timelessness of our pieces.

ADG Lighting graces the pages of so many industry magazines that feature the timeless projects of exceptionally talented designers. The architects and designers of these featured projects graciously and openly provide our information for credit. However, with so many of these publications, including Architectural Digest, our work is not credited in the publication. We believe that the lack of proper credit for artistic and creative credit in these publications is related to the business relationship with that publication. These publications want to credit and highlight contributors that are also paying advertisers with their publication.

Our position has been and always will be that we provide unique design and manufacturing of custom lighting that significantly enhance any design project. ADG Lighting remains one of the best kept secrets in the industry and we are proud to fill that role. For those who provide proper credit and acknowledgement, we appreciation your generosity. For those clients who know about us and choose to work with our creative team, we know that you receive the best treatment in the industry and the creative edge over all others.

*Credit * The original design work with Keyshawn Johnson was completed by Cami Forte.
ADG Branding Cards 07 Copy

Your Sketch, Our Factory

ADG Branding Cards 07 CopyWe know you have discerning taste. We also know it can be overwhelming to make a decision, considering all the factors that go into a design project.

Let us take the work off your shoulders. Whether your ideas tend toward the classic and traditional or veer off into the avant garde and eclectic, our design team can translate any concept into a work of art. We design and manufacture custom lighting and furnishings, from contemporary chandeliers to vintage, one of a kind tables. View our work here.

Our 25 years experience in the architecture and design industry, coupled with our personalized customer service, makes for a winning combination for our clients. Transforming your vision into reality is what has made us sought after with both trade clients and homeowners worldwide.

How do you benefit as our client?

  • From sketch to manufacture, you receive the benefits of our numerous years of experience in the field. 
  • We will provide detailed drawings, product selection and complete consultation to facilitate the project.
  • We ensure the maximization of interior space through the selection and specification of all materials and finishes.
  • We provide open communication throughout the project, and work with contractors, architects, interior designers, engineers, project managers,  vendors, and all others in order to complete your project successfully.

We take pride in our creativity and hard work, and ensure that your project will be completed with quality and satisfaction. Give us a call at (818) 597-9494, or email us at for more information.



Custom Furnishings Featured in New Trade Pub

From a funky custom crafted four-foot monkey to a sleek surfrider table in oiled walnut, several of our furnishings were just featured in the latest edition of 20/Twenty Magazine, a new trade publication for architects and designers. Designed and created by Architectural Detail Group (the parent company of ADG Lighting), these custom furnishings highlight what makes our team sought after by interior designers and architects worldwide.

8976 Surf Monkey Water Jet Cut With Painted Board Shorts ADG Lighting

10011 Irwo Ta Surf Rider Console Iron And Walnut Table ADG Lighting Copy


We’ve given you a sneak peak into what makes 20/Twenty Magazine a must-have for industry insiders! The magazine targets designers, architects, facilitators, specifiers and upper class income homeowners within the US. 20/20a+b’s team is dedicated to researching and sourcing the best and most unique in residential/commercial interior and exterior design, bringing together the projects, products and people in the sector. Get your free subscription today!