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Contemporary Lighting at the Manhattan Country Club

Creativity is one of our main cornerstones here at ADG Lighting, so it’s always a pleasure to see the results once the project or space is finished. This custom couture contemporary coin chandelier for the Manhattan Country Club in Manhattan Beach, California is a magnificent piece. The custom fixture came complete with LED uprights and a Pyrex glass ball. The fixture is finished in our ADG Lighting Atelier Gold.

Our client at Manhattan Country Club allowed for this design to come alive. It proudly stands at 8′ tall. What a wonderful space too! Lighting consultants KGM did a great job.



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Fall Decor Trends for 2014

With summer winding down and the kids heading back to school, it’s time to get inspired for fall!

Whether you enjoy more traditional styles or want a little midcentury modern flair, there is definitely something for everyone’s taste for 2014. There are several great trends cropping up in home decor, and we’re seeing some of these apply in the area of lighting:

  • Texture rich accessories such as wooden sculptures add a nice touch to any room.
  • Golden hues look great throughout any home — brass is a nice touch and looks great on any lighting piece or accessory.
  • Crisp geometrics add dimension to any room. You can see this in some of the custom chandelier pieces we create.
  • Pierced metal is also popping up as a accent in lighting.

Check out some of our own custom pieces that would fit into a fall refresh! Call us at (818) 597-9494 for more information, or email us at

The Miracles of Cutting with Water

While using high-pressure water for erosion dates back as far as the mid-1800s with hydraulic mining, it was not until the 1930s that narrow jets of water started to appear as an industrial cutting device. In 1933, a Wisconsin company known as the Paper Patents Company developed a special paper metering, cutting, and reeling machine that used a diagonally moving waterjet nozzle to make a horizontal moving sheet of continuous paper. Done at low pressure, these applications were limited to soft materials like paper.

Water jet technology evolved in the post-war era as researchers around the world searched for new methods of efficient cutting systems. In 1956, Carl Johnson of Durox International in Luxembourg developed a method for cutting plastic shapes using a thin stream high-pressure waterjet, using soft materials. In 1958, Billie Schwacha of North American Aviation developed a system using ultra high pressure liquid to cut hard materials.


ADG Lighting is a West Coast award-winning manufacturer of custom lighting pieces. To create complex shapes for lighting and art installations, ADG uses water jet and laser cutting machinery. Here are some samples of our work:


7230 Ind St Sh Water Jet Cut Ceiling With Pressed Metal Facia ADG Lighting Copy 9022 Custom Water Jet Cut Plaque ADG Lighting Copy


Water jet cutting is a simple and easy way for manufacturers like ADG Eco Lighting to accommodate hotel and resort customers.


Never limiting the company, CEO Gerald Olesker pushes his team in design and ingenuity. The Architectural Detail Group team worked on the pattern and elements to ensure that the wall shielded visitors from passersby, as well as would illuminate itself.

Check out more from our water jet cut portfolio. For more information about hiring ADG Lighting to design and manufacture your next project please email or call 818-597-9494. ADG ships worldwide and has a team thriving for over 3 generations. We work with hotels, resorts, and upper-end residential and civic spaces.







Dana Point Project Featured in the Winter 2013 Issue of California Homes Magazine

The scenic coastal home of Archie and Linda Dunham was the site of one of ADG Lighting’s latest projects, just featured in the latest edition of California Homes. Enjoying 270 degree coastal views, the seaside home features custom chandeliers, pendants and lanterns custom designed by the ADG Lighting team.2013_CA_homes_cover_winter_Dunham_Residence_ADG_Lighting 2

2013_CA_homes_Dunham_Res_winter_2013_ADG_Lighting_4 2 2013_CA_homes_Dunham_Res_winter_2013_ADG_Lighting_5 2 2013_CA_homes_Dunham_Res_winter_2013_ADG_Lighting_6 2 2013_CA_homes_Dunham_Res_winter_2013_ADG_Lighting_7 2 2013_CA_homes_Dunham_Res_winter_2013_ADG_Lighting_8 2

ADG Lighting enjoyed working with the likes of Architect Homer Oatman, Interior Designer Mo Dawn and Mike Reeves of Corbin Reeves Construction. The front doors open up to an entry colonnade, featuring several pendant lanterns as you walk through the hall. Both the expansive kitchen and office have iron chandeliers as lighting centerpieces, and draw you into the rest of the beautiful rooms that offer scenic views of the Pacific Coast.

For more of our custom work, visit the ADG Lighting website.


Joey G @ ADG executes another flawless design


Estate in

Estate in the Super Oaks in Calabasas California, Joey G at ADG fabricated this clean and impeccable light for our client. This is the second home and 3rd phase of this project that Architectural Detail Group, Inc designed and fabricated lights. Client’s architect Chris asked for this to be a delicate yet strong design and was inspired from his travels providing design ideas. “Anything is possible” joey said – just let us know, the client agrees and we will turn this around