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Architecture Podcasts: Finding the Elusive Content

Let’s talk about podcasts! Whether you are a fan or not, the fact is podcasts are a very accessible and convenient way to consume topics across a huge section of society. Whatever your interests may be, there is a podcast out there waiting for you. If you are a regular consumer of podcast content and interested in architecture & design, there are fantastic podcasts available to you.

A Bit of a Background on Podcasts

Podcasting, once an obscure method of spreading information, has become a recognized medium for distributing audio content, whether for corporate or personal use. Podcasts are similar to radio programs, but they are audio files. Listeners can play them at their convenience, using devices that have become commonplace in our society, such as smartphones and tablets.

Some have labeled podcasting as a converged medium bringing together audio, the web, and portable digital platforms, as well as a disruptive technology that has caused some people in the radio business to reconsider established practices and preconceptions about audiences, consumption, production, and distribution. Podcasts are usually free of charge to listeners and can often be created for little to no cost, which sets them apart from the traditional model of “gate-kept” media and production tools. It is very much a horizontal media form: producers are consumers, consumers may become producers, and both can engage in conversations with each other.

Architecture, Design and Podcasts

Spread across the spectrum of content, there are more and more podcasts specifically targeting the architectural and design community. These digital programs are simply fantastic because they provide such a broad view of the architectural and design world, on a global scale. The best part of podcasts for the consumer is their portability. No matter where you go, you can have fresh content available that opens up new perspective on the architecture and design professions. Nothing could be simpler that syncing your device in a vehicle and enjoying the latest podcast in between appointments or job sites.

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